Dry Spells and Stuff

I’m having a fry spell for almost 2 months.
It looks very awful, but actually, it’s not that a lot. :content:
I want to discuss about it, why does it happen? :confused:
Body needs a break? school cause it?
I guess I wasn’t into it very much, but now my recall is better, :woo:
and I don’t get stressed about it, but still no LDs.
When do you think they will be back on track?

I think I should stop reading topics about dry spells…I’ve been trying extra hard to get lucid last week without any success and now I’m afraid it’s contagious or something, because I’ve read all these dry spell topics last couple of days. :eek:

Those “fry spells” are quite annoying. Just be patient. When I’m in a dry spell, I try a different technique every week. After about the 2nd or 3rd week, I have a lucid dream.

I’m having a dry spell as well and it is frustrating but on the other hand my waking life seems more lucid then ever. I’m finding a lot of weird coincidences happening. Almost like my thoughts are manifesting. Anyone else experiencing this?

Thanks for the suggestions.
I’m not furstrated, I’m just corious, why that happens?

maybe its because we try too hard to become lucid. Maybe our body is giving us a break.