DSI/DILD: Attempts on a new method


I thought of some concept that might help me get LDs, so I’m sharing it with you. I don’t know if this is new, but if it is, I’d call it DSI/DILD (just DSI in short, Dream Sign Induction), here it is:

For a month now, I have been checking new pictures on airliners.net, just before going to bed. Since then, airplanes started appearing in half of my dreams, then in ¾ of my dreams, and now I’ve had 5 nights in a row with at least one airplane/airplane reference in my dreams.

I induced dreamsigns by visiting that website every night, just before going to bed, and browsing it for 15-30 minutes. And now I’m going to use these dreamsigns to help me have a DILD. Now I started RCing on every plane reference there is around me, plus when I just randomly RC. Now that the dreamsign seems recurrent enough (everynight, most reliable DS I ever had), I hope to recgonize it.

This looks promising. I might use the same website as you. Mind as well give it a shot.

i became lucid a few days ago after i read about floods before sleeping and recognised the dream sign, but didn’t continue reading. This sounds like a very good idea! Maybe i’ll try a site about trains. :cool:

This is a good idea, i’ll use obvious ld pictures instead, but i’ll try with Dream Signs too.
Thanks for Sharing! :happy:

Does anyone know a good site about UFOs ? :happy:
Always I see them in my dreams, I do RC :cheesy:

You can check on Youtube, i even posted a UFO video recorded by myself but i deleted later on.
I remember having UFO as a big DS when i was child, i had fear of UFO encounters when i visited my grandmother in the rural.

I had a ND where I was on a website that I normally go on last night.

Impressive tech, I probably won’t end up trying it. I dislike dream signs so much, because I can never recognize them. I have been watching Lost the tv series for weeks now doing RC’s and granted I have several back to back dreams containing the characters from the show… However I never realize it is a dream lol, so then I hate DS.

UFO’s are fake by the way lol, aliens however may be real.

I think I should try cruise ships, I have dreams I am on them a lot.

I agree with you 99% :tongue:

It led to a pre-lucid phase in one of my dreams this morning.

Oh, wait.
/me hears a jet outside, RCs. … :sad: oh well.

It seems that it was an indirect result… the increase of my RCing frequency has led me to do one in the dream. It did fail (A.K.A. non-reality), but then I continued as if nothing had happened.

I’ll follow up during the next days. Tonight will be short though.

My pleasure.

Well i’m giving an eye on my DS and they appear to be mostly,stuff i’ve seen on t.v. lately. :wink: , it’s hard because they are all different shows,
from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to Heroes.

Might try it out, for me the huge dreamsign is my school and the people in it. I never have done an RC in school before though, dunno why.

I think dreamsigns last longer in the subconcious, i mean, i still had school dreams after months from finishing College.

After looking through UFO sites last night before going to bed, i had a dream about chasing aliens to some sort of cave, but it didn’t make me lucid… but I was close :cheesy:

Be thankful that at least it the DreamSign worked. What i have trouble is to have the thought that i want to be the last one, i always change the thoughts after long time. One must be pretty tired but with the chance of some thinking to achieve it.

Last night, I had an all-nighter party. Definitely not appropriate to work on my technique, but I did sleep 4 hours because I couldn’t bear it anymore. I reached REM phase, then got up. The party ended, I went back home, and I went back to sleep, about 1½ hour after I woke up.

I hoped it would act as WBTB, but unfortunately I did not RC or become lucid.

All I can remember is that in one of my two sleep periods, I saw at least one plane, even if I didn’t browse A.net that night.

Maybe partying is not a good idea :content:

Actually it leads to partying to your dream so No,

lately I’ve been having uncountable dreams of my friend who introduced lucid dreaming to me. I should start RCing every time I talk to him. thanks for the idea!

No problem. I’m happy to see it helps you.

Time to increment my LD count.

It’s the same thing as last time - It’s been triggered by an increase of the frequency of my RCing, but it might also have something to do with a subconscious dreamsign recognition. But not the airplane one. I watched the Transformers movie for the first time the day before. And in my dream I happened to be in Sam Witwicky’s house. Basically it wasn’t what made me RC, it was more random, but how did my subconscious take it? I’m not sure. The movie could nonetheless have been counted as some kind of dream sign induction. Other than the house and Sam’s family, there was no other Transformers reference in the dream.

So, anyway, I had a long (30-45 min.), somewhat vivid but not 100% lucid (it varied, up and down, throughout the dream) DILD, followed by a short lucid FA that ended prematurely in what I presume was the end of my REM period. I kept RCing all day today, I’ll see what it gives. One sure thing, it might have ended my dry spell.