Dual Lucidity

Hello all Dreamers
I have been wondering if it is REALLY possible for a person who has achieved lucidity to actually come into another persons dream and make them Lucid. I saw this in the Guide here on this site (i think i was in the Beyond section of the when menu). I really could use this because one of my buddies got lucidity once and i haven’t yet :sad: and i thought it would be cool if he could come and make me Lucid. If you have any buddies that are LD ers Could you try this?
Dat Guy

it would take alot of work. You’d need to know the difference between a DC and or your friend. You may see a DC of your friend, but your friend is actually the chicken beside him.

Some say yes, some say no. Some claim to have experienced it, while some haven’t. But with todays technology there is no way to prove it. The only way for You to know is to experience it Yourself.

I believe it is possible, but it would take a lot of work as UltimaDreama says. If it were something easy to do we would have encountered at least one person that does it regularly. I’ve heard of a few cases but no more than one from each person.

Thanks for the insite!