During MILD.. I can't seem to relax

When I go to bed, and when I do a WBTB, I usually try MILD and repeat my mantra so I remember to do a RC.

Recently, whenever I begin my manta, my breathing starts getting heavy, my heart starts racing, and I can’t seem to relax myself to fall asleep normally.

After 45 minutes of laying in my bed still awake, I stop the mantra, and fall asleep with no Recall, or chances of coming close to having a LD.

This is slightly discouraging me, but if I found either a…

-Way to fix my problem
-A different technique suited for me

I know I can’t want it too much, but its harder than you think when your making little to none progress.

Try to not do the WBTB method, only MILD. :content:
Maybe WBTB wakes you too much, making it hard for you to fall back asleep while saying your mantras.

Try to wake up in the middle of the night like WBTB but don’t step out of bed, just write your dream somewhere (I write in in my Ipod). This way, you will be enough awake to focus on your mantras but still enough sleepy to go back to sleep ^^

Listen, here’s the thing with MILD. It’s good if you can keep repeating until you fall asleep, but if you can’t all that really matters is getting the intention through. The point is to set a goal for your SC to remember. Try something like “in a few minutes I will be dreaming, and I will remember to do a reality check.” Just repeat it until you’re sure you have it memorized and that the intention has gone through. It is important to be very direct with your statement, and that the intention is clear. Success isn’t a guarantee, but it sure beats laying awake and then forgetting the intention all together.