During vibrations

When attempting WILD, what should I do during the vibrations stage? Last time when I tried just waiting through them, they just faded away and I woke up fully again. This happened about 4 times before I went into a dream on the 5th. One of the WILD tutorials on this site says that when vibrations kick in you should try to roll over into a dream.

So what should I do during this stage?

This is what happened to me the second time this morning. I got a bit of visuals, vibrations and some sounds in that order and they just faded away.

So good question.

When that happens to you again let yourself fall asleep and see what happens. When I do that I end up in a dream, lucid of course! :grin: You wont even feel the transition from waking world into dream world… And it works every time!

Sometimes as you falling asleep you may experience transition as rolling over in a dream or levitating or something else…

It’s easy to say “let yourself fall asleep”. The thing is whenever I get to that point I am very awake. My body fell asleep, good. But my mind is intrigued and more awake by the second…

I think that the solution is to completely ignore your body’s reactions. Ignore everything that you feel, hear and see but at the same time acknowledge it. This seems impossible to me.

Thanks for the replies.

It’s quite difficult not paying attention to something like that, but I guess I’ll have to ignore it and try to just space out, hoping I fall asleep. Unfortunately this only ever happens when I’m quite awake, otherwise I fall straight asleep before anything.

Yes I know but it took me almost a year for getting WILD right, so it’s not that easy but when you think about it, it is actually.

That’s my point. I know that takes a lot of practice but that’s what lucid dreaming is…

That’s why practicing meditation can really help. When you meditate, you’re supposed to not get involved in any thought, feeling or physical sensation, just acknowledge them, watch them passivelly.

the few times that i havehad vibrations, i usually would think about exiting my body and it used to begin happening itself. some people prefer rolling over, but i usually go out through my mouth/neck. truth be told, i am not sure how this happens, but if i start feeling the vibrations, i usually just try to think about exiting.

i must point out though that DEILD seems much easier. you don’t need to get to the vibrations. it takes about 5 seconds to go back to that state, and you don’t have to go through the vibrations or exits, you just end up there fast. but then again, DEILD was absolutely impossible for me until this week or so. so it’s debatable.

either way, good luck!

I hear meditation recommended often when it comes to lucid dreaming, mattias. I’m interested. Is there a specific type that’s recommended? There are just so many.

What I do is I just clear my mind and don’t let it get lost in random thoughts. I listen to some theta binaural beats as well, which I believe helps me focus a bit, but it’s not necessary. I just lie confortably and try to stop the inner chatter. Try to focus on the silence between thoughts. With a little time they will get longer and longer. As soon as your attention drifts and you notice it (because it will happen, nothing wrong with that :tongue:) just clear your mind again. You can also focus on your breathing. I do this before bed and sometimes I’m able to realize the inner chatter is going on on it’s own, just like when you’re about to fall asleep and some really random things pop into your head. Being aware of these without being a part of it seems interesting too. I think it’s the same state of mind that will let you be aware of any vibrations or HI/HS without getting too involved to the point it will just fade. Kinda hard to explain the feeling… just give it a try, if you’d like, and see what happens. If nothing, it’s relaxing and just that can help a lot.

(btw, is that system shock? I never got around to playing that…)

Thanks, I read up on two breathing techniques last night and they worked pretty well. Now I just need to get better at not falling asleep until I need to.

(Yeah, it’s SHODAN from SS2. It’s pretty fun for a horror game, because you’re actually expected to win rather than just run away all the time.)

When I get vibrations, it’s a sign that my dream body has either slightly (small vibrations) or fully (large vibrations) detached from my physical body. If they’re large enough, just stand up, roll over, move an arm, whatever – it feels just like moving your physical body, but your dream body is what moves. The key is to move while the vibrations are occurring. The larger they are, the easier it is to move.

That’s what worked for me once before, but I only moved my body because I could see my arm out in front of me despite having my eyes closed. I’ll try to focus more on that, thanks.