DV lifeboat forum

hi everybody,

i’ve created a seperate forum section for all DV members (and LD4all members too ofcourse) to hang out - instead of talking about DV in one BIG topic, i think this is much cozier for you :smile:


i hope the lifeboat will soon find land again!

Q :wiske:

Wow that’s a splendid idea Q!! I’m sure it will be MUCH appreciated :smile:

Well done!


If dreamviews never comes back up :spinning:cry: which would SUCK!) maybe instead of making a new forum we can just do a collab with ld4all or something where there is a whole nother part of the forum called “dreamviews”. So both of the forums could go on eachothers easier… just a thought…

Q :wiske: !!!

You’re the best!

Dreamviews: “This forum is unsinkable!..oh look an iceberg…”

Crouching Lotus, lets not give up yet. Prehaps the forusm could be molded together so that the forums still exist, but the PMing system, the members list etc is blended into one.

yAy yAy that is a great idea :happy: :partying_face: :clap: whoever thought if it :beer: :ok:

:beer: :ok: :thumbs: :good:

I can’t believe how nice you guys are being to us. I mean, it’s not cause I didn’t think you were nice, but rather cause I just never thought that you would be THIS good to us. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to you, I really appreciate every single thing you have done for us. I mean, creating a forum for us(specifically :wink: ) with Seeker as mod??? That is truly exceptional, and a gesture so great that it makes me well up inside.

I am feeling rather in touch with myself at the moment, after a revelation I had yesterday, and I can honestly say that. This whole DV issue has been killing me the last couple days, but to know that there are people like you that will welcome us with arms wide open, makes me truly happy and gives me hope. Thanks Q, thanks Jeff, Thanks Dreamaddict, thanks milod789, thank you all. I really appreciate every piece of advice you have given us, the comfort you have made us feel.

I am indebted to all of you.

Thank you so much,

Thanks Q, great idea! :ok: passes Jeff’s lucid bunch of sunflowers onto Q :flower: :flower:

Wow! Thanks Truthbearer! :shy: :beer: I’m not worthy :bow:

Sad to say I have never been to this site but I was a regular at Dream Views!!! Thanks so much for this!!! You all are great and I will make sure to check out more of the site!

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: I want a muffin!!! sniff sniff

You are right…Thanks for the inspiration Jeff, I have to start taking that advice rather than living in the past…

I think that shall be my new sig ! :happy:
With credit to Jeff of course - thanks Jeff… :wink:

As for the hospitality, I must say you guys are great!
I agree wholeheartedly with the butter there (truthbearer)

Unfortunately I’m fairly washed out with LD’s lately, and have way too much other private stuff going on (like everyone else it seems)
Thus the sound of the whistling bullrushes on my side :happy:
Convenient timing for me, I guess (with DV being down, etc) :meh:

I feel that with the learning of Lucid dreaming breeds awareness. With awareness provokes the thoughts of others, wich is what you have done here. Being a moderator in Dreamviews, I realized how little Moderating needed to be done. Coinsedence? I don’t think so. I think us Lucid dreamers and LDers who haven’t but want to, have somthing in common. It is not a cult ( :grrr: ) It is a group of people that have the common interest in looking outside the lines. Which leads me back to awareness. And thankyou for yours. :wink:

Since DV is back now, the lifeboat has been put back into storage :content:

For now all posts still exist, let me know if you want to take something with you to DV (although i have no idea how to do that database wise). Otherwise all posts will be deleted.


:clap: Congrats to all of the DV members for getting their home back! There is no place like home! :content:

Thanks everyone sniff, sniff It has meant the world to me having this lifeboat.

Please stop in and visit with us (We have pictures of Jeff!). I plan to drop in here regularly to check up on my new friends.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to ld4all for all the support it has given DV members. I now feel like i have two homes, ah what a great feeling. Thank you. :smile:

Peace sensi

Thanks Sensi :wink:

Yes, you have 2 homes where you always are welcome!
I will meet you at both forums :smile:


Yes THANK YOU SO MUCH Q and Jeff for everything everything everything! And look what good came of it, I made friends here and now I’m a cool Librarian. So I’ll definitely be hanging around here still.

PLEASE don’t delete the Dreamviews Lifeboat. Maybe Seeker can put it somewhere. :shy: Right Seeker? :shy: Kuz you’re all nostalgic like me? :shy: And kuz I wuv you! :shy: Pweeeeaase!!! :shy:

Damnit ya’ll, I need a super duper pouty emoticon for this to work right… (gotta really butter Seeker up for this one :grin: ).