Dystopia or Utopia

which would you rather experience in a LD i mean in Dystopia you get to shoot people, battles with the government, ect. but a Utopia would be a perfect heaven like world what do any of you think personally after seeing equilibrium and the matrix movies i’d go with the Dystopia

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I wouldn’t consider myself very Zen, so I can’t really see any advantage to the Utopia. The predictable bores me.

Dystopia all the way. It’s an LD, so I could do all that crazy crap with no consequences. Quite cool really.

Ah, and one last thing: Don’t forget, Sunolet. Capital Letters can be your friend. :happy:

Well, since you put it that way, I’d take a Dystopia. Fixing up the world of 1984 would be awesome, and, a utopia would be boring in an LD.

i sway both!

a dystopia for when i need to take out some agression and when i just want to go on adventures, i would head over to a land of medieval strife and such.

But when i just realllly need to relax, go and explore a perfect world of my own design! (where it is always night and yet it’s still light enough to see fine)

Why do you set dystopia equal to medieval times?

I think dystopia has nearly nothing to do with the middle age.
Just because it is the opposite of utopia it does not mean it refers to the past. Instead, it is referring to a fictional society that has developed in a bad way (utopia means a good development).

However, I would prefer to discover a dystopian dream world because I imagine it more fascinating.

nonono, just A dystopia IN a medieval setting, not THE middle ages :wink:

think warcraft

the medieval setting is just because i think it would be cooler to fight with swords and (refering to warcraft and such) magic, maybe like Lord of the Rings then to fight with guns like in nowadays. Although i will prolly make another future setting one too

Fight the government and shoot people…in Utopia!

A lot easier to shoot at something that can’t fight back.
…Well I hope they can’t fight back :confused:

A utopia does not need to be predictable. In fact, if it is, and you don’t like it, it’s not a utopia for you is it? There aren’t really any rules to what is good or bad, right? Not REALLY. There are many opinions though, and in your dreams, only your’s counts. So, in your utopia, you can have action and drama. And a predictable and dreadfully boring place, although free of hatred and terror, may well be a dystopia to some.
So my answer can only be, a utopia.

I’d prefer a dystopia! And I would like to do it multiple times, sometimes in medieval settings and sometimes in 1960/1970 settings. :happy:

if you read Brave New World or 1984 those are utopias in a way that some people disagree with now being in The Stand shooting and destroying Randall Flagg or being in Equilibrium and fighting the police and leaders that would be fun

Very interesting… you are the first person whom I’ve come by thats somewhat like me. I would say that most of my RL friends know that I like my days darker and that I also like night better.

I’m curious, do you also hate being warm/hot (unless being on a beach of course :razz:).

And to keep on track of the topic.
I would, like the majority of the people that have replied in this thread, prefer Dystopia in LD. There would be more stuff going on for you to mess with, not that you couldn’t do anything you wanted anyways in a Utopian dream scene.

Well, for me a Utopia would be a mix between a battle scarred place with action everywhere and spots where I could chill in tranquility. As an example, a ruined city filled with zombies could be one setting, but above is my personal spacecraft where I can teleport to at any second and relax in perfect safety. My Utopia is a Dystopia so I say both.

Also, Odeon and TheRealJollyRoger, interesting how both of you like night better, as do I. The perfect setting for me is a clear night, full moon and about 58 degrees fahrenheit, I absolutely hate hot weather, with just a slight breeze I also like rain better than sun and snow better than rain. Not to mention I have pretty good night vision whereas sunny days are usually too bright.

Nice to meet other people like me. :content:

I’d go for a little bit of both. For instance, build my dream headquarters in an utopia and check out more dystopian worlds from times to times.

I agree with TheRealJollyRoger. Dystopian LDs are nice when you want to let out some stress or just go on a cool adventure, while utopian LDs are for times of relaxation and contemplation. My utopian LDs are set on an island, near a cliffside, while my most fun dystopian dreams have definitely been in Star Wars.

I’d prefer a dystopia in my next LD, but only because i’d be my first real one. In my second REAL lucid dream I think I’d like to relax someplace empty and beautiful.

I choose a dystopia, with a combination of different times.
Meh, magic, mechs, modern day houses, ninja moves…
Something like that. :razz:

lovely topic, and I think this would make a great dreamquest…

there could be a shared space starting with basically an undeveloped realm (just nature), and then people meet and start to create tribes and worship deitys, discover fire, invent the wheel, and relive everything from caveman times to modern age and see what kind of utopias or dystopias spring up along the course of a couple hundred millenia.

ouch, stretches the mind a bit, but in dreamspace anything’s possible!

you could throw in FF anachronisctic stuff for extra flavor. Gunblades and Laserswords,ooohh I’m excited…

-We Burn Fats!


Just thinking about it makes me wish I could have a REAL LD sometime.

UR a lucid dream Shadow “wesley snipes” Sniper :smile:

no i hear you, i’m in that boat, but if you got something to
dream about you’re half way there! and being there, as in where you are, is pretty darn great. good luck fellow dreamer…

I vote we start from scratch and see what happens…

-jumbo mantis resonator

I prefer Dystopia, of course, and so will most other people because conflicts and challenges and trouble really excites us - they give us something to battle with.

I, for instance, enjoy being in a crisis, being put under intense pressure to preform and it makes you become ultra efficient, too, which is a great feeling. For me, there’s nothing better than having my ability put to a severe test.