E3 2011

So, did anyone here catch the news at E3?

I have to say, some of those trailers are looking immense. Really looking forward to a fair few games… Saints Row 3, Mass Effect 3, Red Faction Armageddon, Resistance 3, and even the Devil May Cry reboot has started to look promising again.

For those who don’t know, Capcom referred to Dante during their trailer as “Tony Redgrave” which, as some may know, was Dante’s alias when he was trying to hide his identity. Suddenly the big image change starts to make sense…

Also, Nintendo announced the name of their new console, the Wii U, also known as the “Yo dawg, I heard you like screens…” console.

Either way, looks like the next year of gaming could be big. Incredibly big. I don’t know which games I want more.

How could you not even mention Halo 4 :open_mouth:

:smile: But yeah there were some really interesting things.

Also can’t wait for Mass Effect 3.

Honestly the only thing i was intressted whit this years E3 was the reveal of Nintendos next console.

After watching the presentation i somehow felt doubt and not that excited about the machine. Could be that the presentation wasn’t exacly good in my book…to much time talking about a controller and what usage it can have for games…Yes a touchscreen isn’t that common on a videogame console but there’s more to videogames than just how you control the characters.
It’s nice to hear that they’re working on trying to move out the “casual gamer” market and bring in more “deeper” games, But showing just some trailers from third-party titles (wich was shortly revealed to be from the 360/PS3 versions) doesn’t convince me that much…how about online features? Will there be a service similiar to the Live and PSN?

I could keep on talking but i think i’ll stop here and see what others has to say first.

  • Tywald

Just to say is no one hyped up about COD: modern warfare 3? :confused: I love the COD series and their the best selling games ever!!! and with 20 million playing online why is there so much hate for it?
Plus the battlefield series are beast but i still think they can not beat cod for quality fun.

Halo 4 will be lost without bungie :sad:

Looking forward for Halo 4 (good trailer at least :content: )

Best conferences:
Nintendo > Sony > Microsoft.

Nintendo was the best. They had a Zelda overture!

Sony was 2nd best. They handeled the hacking situation very professionaly, and the PSVita looks amazing.

Microsoft. shudders. All Kinect. Kinect Kinect Kinect!
I dont have a problem with Kinect, but the fact is it was ALL kinect. Nothing original I think. (excluding Halo CE and Halo 4. thats a different story, same with Mass Effect 3 gameplay. I need that game).

Deus Ex Human Revolution
Mass Effect 3
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
The 3 games that will completely destroy my GPA. Bad thing? I think not…