ear pressure

I’ve never really had a ‘full’ lucid dream. Although, many times I’ve realized I’m dreaming, but either wake up almost immediately or my ‘lucid’ dream is like I can’t tell for sure if I’m dreaming or not…kinda like a drunken state…blurry/hazy vision and can’t move that well, but textures are very vivid. It’s like everytime this happens, I can’t tell if I’m drugged up or if I’m dreaming…kind of a scary feeling actually.

Anyway, the past few times I’ve realized I am dreaming, I get intense pressure in my ears (kinda like when your ears pop when flying or the like)…they come and go like a slow pulse. The harder I try to stay ‘lucid’ and in the dream the more intense they get till ultimately I wake up. It’s like my body is keeping me from becoming lucid or something…I dunno.

Anyone else experience anything like this or have suggestions?

The ear pressure is created by your mind.I could only guess why you do so,but since i am no psychologist i don´t want to talk about stuff i don´t really understand.Anyway,YOU create the pressure,so YOU can stop the pressure! Voice commands can be quite powerfull.
Next time say aloud “Ear pressure stop now!”


I have no explanation for the ear pressure, but you’re not the only one that has felt this. My “ear pressure” sounds kinda like a cotton swab in my ear, or more accurately it sounds like liquid stuck in my ear … kinda. I’m not sure if it is a mental or physical thing, but I’m very sure it’s natural and not harmful. But if it prohibits you from LD’in that does sound like a small mental block for you to overcome.

Some LD’s for me also feel like I’ve been drugged… in a way you are. I assume this has something to do with the chemicals your body releases in sleep so you do not act out dreams. It is a muscle paralyzer of some sort. Most of my “drugged up” dreams are of me feeling dizzy, tired and heavy, seeing blurry, and/or unbalanced.
I actually mistaken a LD as someone slipping me a drug in my drink, the first short moment in my dream I knew I was dreaming. But then I found out I couldn’t walk because my legs felt like rubber, then I was scared someone drugged me and I was questioning my dream characters on who drugged me. Funny now, a bit scary at the moment. :smile:

Hiya. If you still have these problems, try to find out the position you are in when you wake up. I used to have a problem with the direction my head was facing, and the way my eyes scanned (in the ld of course.) After some time, I noticed that I always have these kinds of lucid dreams when in the same odd position. Once I changed this position I commonly fell asleep in, the problems basically ceased. You may want to see if there are a pattern of positions you are in once you wake up from a lucid dream with the ear problem. If all else fails, try to see if this works.

Hope this helps. Seeya! :eh: