Easier to enter LD's while in pain! Anyone else?

I know, the title sounds weird :tongue: I’ll explain to you what I mean.

For months I was very sick and often in pain :sad: While that happened, it was very easy for me to enter LD’s. Now I just caught a cold and again, I can enter LD’s faster and easier. When I’m healthy it’s sometimes harder to induce LD’s. Most important is, that I don’t even need RC’s to check if I’m dreaming. It’s so clear to me that I barely doubt that matter of fact, what’s not common when I’m healthy. Then I have to check several times if I’m really dreaming and lose lucidity way easier!

I’m not sure WHY it’s easier to induce or enter LD’s when I’m in pain or sick but I think that my brain’s more “awake” because of my condition. You know what I mean? I fall asleep easily but it’s like my brain is very active. Well, that’s just a theory, I can’t prove anything but we all know, the brain’s very active when we have a LD.

Has anyone else experienced that? :confused:

Hi N@t3! :smile: Hmmm… I don´t know— I have a chronic illness that makes me feel tired and sore all the time, and yet that doesn´t help me to have a greater amount (or quality) of lucid dreams? :eh:

Before starting my treatment, I was feeling really bad (the doctors took a loooong time to diagnose me) and it was much more difficult to concentrate on doing RCs or being aware of my surroundings… and it was even harder to meditate / WILD !! :eek: (tiredness + pain = 1000% FAIL at LDs for me :tongue: )

Nowadays im feeling better & the amount/quality of LDs has increased A LOT. So im quite curious about your experience! :astonished: Guess why this is happening to you??

Hey Lady Yomi!

Thank you very much for your reply!
My doctor wasn’t a help at all btw, I had to figure it out by myself :happy: My jolts were all aching and I felt tired and powerless, had headache too. Now I know that I’m just allergic to gluten :tongue:
It’s really interesting, it seems we are the absolute opposite of each other! I forgot to mention, that I don’t even have the intention to induce LD’s. I just want to sleep, get into a dream and after a few seconds I just know it’s a dream. I wish I could figure out why it works so much better… No, I don’t want to be in pain or sick! again :happy: :happy: I just wonder why that happens.
What you say makes actually sense. You was so tired and exhausted so you couldn’t concentrate at all and was unable to have LD’s, while I was or am the same: tired and exhausted but kept falling into LD’s without the purpose. I love my dreams the most when I’m sick because I don’t feel any pain while dreaming.
When I’m healthy, I really have to “work” for my LD’s, gotta use techniques, have to keep it in mind, need to concentrate, have to hurry after waking up before I get too awake… Perhaps our brains work differently? I have really no idea! :happy: :happy:

Oh my God! You are celiac?! :joy: Im allergic too!! gluten was the main reason of my sickness lol!! The doctors (a lot of different ones—why there are so many bad doctors out there??? :expressionless:) didn’t knew what was happening to me for 14 long years… UGH.

Im with you on that great thing about not feeling pain!!! And what about entering into bakeries & eating everything at sight?! Haha I love to make that~

Wow!!! We really need to find how you do that!!! I need like… 10/12 hours of sleep (in a no sick-day) before reaching that state of becoming lucid without even trying! :no_mouth: Kudos to your brain for loving pressure like that ha ha!!

I hope that you will be able to find someone whose brain works like yours soon! Im sure that it will be interesting to read about that!!! :smile::star:

Woah, 14 years!! I feel so sorry for you O.o I got sick in June 2016, colleagues had the same idea as I had, that it’s very plausible that I’m allergic against certain food… First no candy (boy, how much I hated that phase!) and after that less meat (that’s okay). In October 2016 we started the experiment “no-gluten-from-now-on” and after two weeks my pain was almost completely gone. I made two tests but both were negative and says that I’m not celiac, but heck I am! :happy: :happy: Before my jolts and muscles all started to ache, I had very often head ache and was allergic to one of my cats. Both symptoms, now we know they were symptoms, are gone.
Ah, yes, I’m losing my track! :happy: :happy: But it’s pretty nice to meet someone who had to suffer the same shit :happy:

I enter LD’s in the morning, like most of us, so my brain seems to be awake but sleepy enough and more awake because of sickness or pain. Now I’m fit again, my cold is almost over and the LD’s dropped immediately :eh: I really seem to have a masochistic brain :tongue:
I hope other ppl will reply to my post :grin: Thank you very much for your answer, Lady Yomi! :content:

Hello. No, in my experience it’s not easier to enter a lucid dream in pain. I’m surprised how we three have food related problems. Early last year I was diagnosed with IBD and kidney deficiency. The latter required a biopsy which caused some pain for a couple of weeks and it wrecked my dreams. IBD is the food related problem. It’s a chronic autoimmune disease in my gut that is really picky about food. Some food items cause me pain and literally eats me from inside. Meds calm it down somewhat. I still need to learn what I can and can’t eat. Gluten and lactose seem to be fine.

Hm, I read a book a month ago, the author is very experienced and said IBD could be also caused by gluten or could worsen it but not in every case of course. I think it also depends on were you live. In the USA weed etc. has been changed genetically so much that more and more ppl are allergic against it and even here in Germany, the weed has been modified so it even contains MORE gluten because it makes bread and other pastries fluffier and softer.
I hope you figure out soon what you can eat and what not :smile: Convenient food is the main problem, there is so much bull shit in it! :happy:

So, you couldn’t enter LD’s while you were sick either :meh: Too exhausted to dream or to recognize that you were dreaming, hm. At least I found two dreamers with similar condition issues but other results as mine. What you say makes sense so I wonder why I’m the freak who enters LD while my body sucks :happy: :happy:

Ah, another question! For you two, Letaali and Lady Yomi :smile: I’ve always been able to recall my dreams, since early childhood. So I remember every morning at least one dream or two. I just wonder, is my brain trained to recall and that makes it easier to enter LD’s? Or do you two made the same experience and you were able to recall dreams in childhood either and it got nothing to do with my PILD (pain-induced-LD) :tongue:

Thank you for your time! :smile:

I had a lot of nightmares as a kid, those I recalled in the morning, but forgot on purpose. Generally I didn’t recall dreams from every night. When I started actively writing dreams down I recalled maybe two dreams per week, but my recall improved drastically over time.

I think it’s just that pain wakes me up very easily. It interrupts sleep cycles and keeps me too tired to focus on realizing anything in a dream. It gives me bad dreams and hurts dream recall.

Hm this is an interesting concept that I’ve never really thought of before!

Aww no! IBD sucks! :tired_face: I have some family members that have that too! I wish you lots of [color=green]not-so-bad health days!!:sparkles:[/color]

Hi again n@t3 !! :grin: Well I have a good dream recall since I was a child too! My little sister used to love to hear about my dreams (she still does, lol) & I think that I got better at it because I wanted to have more stories for her~:star: he he

[color=violet]I can recall likeee~ 3 or 4 dreams by night![/color]

I have to say that I was in pain again - last week :sad: And THIS time I had no LD’s at all :eek: No idea why, probably because NOW I want to have them! The fun part is, when I want to LD then it doesn’t work and when I’m not really interested they pop up out of nowhere or when I’m in a bad condition :grrr: I feel so mucked by myself! :cry:
So, I can say that dream recall is not the key! :happy: Thank you very much for telling me! :content:

Omg!!! :joy: that’s so strange!! Hmm… I guess that maybe you pressure yourself to have them when you feel like lucid dreaming & that’s the problem?

Like; they often come when you aren’t expecting them & that’s because you are in a more relaxed state of mind? Maybe the expectation of having a LD is working against you?

Have you tried WILD ?? Because if you’re having problems with that & only having DILD s, maybe the expectation/pressure is the problem! :blush::star:

Hi :wave:

Nope, I’m a DEILD and WILD expert :grin:
I can say, when I induce LD’s then I use DEILD with WILD. When I’m in a bad condition, DILD appears, I become aware while I’m dreaming, sometimes in the very beginning or in the middle of the dream.
When I’m aiming for DEILD I can wake up one or two times at night and several times in the morning :smile:
But that doesn’t mean I don’t up myself under pressure. But that’s an issue I can’t control yet :wallhit: So you are right with your guess :smile:

Wow sounds interessting, Ive heard of some other forum member who has the same “problem”. I try to find the thread.