easy way to become lucid

today when i woke up for school it was around 7 but i didnt have to go to school till 11 so i went back to sleep. then my brother woke me up cause he was talking and went back to sleep this happened like 4 times and in the 3rd one i opened my eyes and a thought about lucid dreaming came up so i did a reality check and told myself that when i was dreaming i would do one. so then i closed my eyes and i fell asleep right away (it seemed like in a second) then i went into my dream i woke up in a socccer field and my favorite soccer team was playing then i remembered about the RC and i did it then became lucid …

i guess this is like WBTB but its easier bacuse u fall back to sleep really fast in the mornings when u dont want to go to school or whatever so i dony know instead of waking ur self up around the middle of the night do it befeore u go to school

This technique is very effective indeed. What makes it even more effective is when you imagine your bed spinning in circles at about 15 seconds per rotation while falling back to sleep.

which is a variation of WILD. Nicely working one, good to add. With help of WBTB it gave you cool LD’s :cool: .

this sounds like a tasty tech

I tried this today and had a LD! :grin: It didnt last for long tho… I keep having FAs… :razz:

I will try this sometime because I always think, when I wake up for WBTB, ‘ah, I can’t be bothered to try WILD’ which is why I woke up in the first place. Yeah, this… doesn’t need me to wake up fully!

OOh, I always used to have those when I had to get up around 7 for school. My alarm would go off and I wouldn’t completely wake up, so I would have continual FA’s. They got kind of fun after a while, to be honest :happy:

I think i could have done wild yesterday. I was asleep for 2 hours i think, but for some weird reason i woke up. I could vividly remember the dream i had, it was kind of spooky :tongue: . Anyway i tried to go sleep again but after 1 min or 2 i sort of got into SP, realy weird :tongue:

damn this didn’t work, I’m going back to VILD.

And now I’m sticking to it, because I’m all the time changing between techniques, with no success. I need to focus fully on one, get really good at it.

My goal now is…

Practice only VILD until I get 3 lucid dreams. But if I can get LDs with VILD, why change technique?

VILD, if anyone had any tips please PM me!

I prefer WBTB, but i don’t have the time for it, :razz:. And when it’s saturday i’m too tiered, so i wake up 10:30 or 11:00 in the morning. I can’t sleep after waking at that time :razz:. (50% WBTB works.)

thats the way i had my first lucid dream

This worked for me too, and it was unintentional!

Before I knew what a lucid dream was, i think back last summer this happened, my mom woke me up and brought me upstairs to sleep in her bed for some reason. after i went up there and took a nap, i had the best LD i have ever had in my life. it was great, and there were crowds of DC’s, but I never woke up until a while after they were done chasing. Now with these techniques, I have to try this!

OMG I just realized something awesome!

I have a late start this Friday at school!!! Yay!

I am sooooooooo doing this this Friday. Hope it works!

this sounds good!

ill try it tomorrow!

also, i think my dream was triggered with DILD technique, as well as WBTB technique