Eating in LD's

I was just wondering, since I cant try this yet (I’m still working on having LD’s) Can you eat in a LD, and if so, can you taste the food.
Just wondering, because if you think about it, if you were on a diet, and all you had to say it “I’ll eat a huge gumbo chocolate chip Blizzard when I go to sleep” It would be a lot easier. I’m not on a diet, but hey, jumbo chocolate chip Blizzards ARE pretty good… :cookiemon:

It’s great fun to eat in dreams, believe me…I did that once and the food tasted unbelievable! My report can be found here:

Of course you can eat in a LD! Like ppl say if you put your mind to it you can do anything, this is very true in LDs. I tried eating once and like ginkgothian said the food tastes unnaturally good in LDs.

Yes you can definitely eat/drink in lds! That was one of the first lucid experiments i tried. It tasted VERY realistic, same with drinks… Tried drinking some ice cold coca cola, and you can even feel that its cold.

Here something even more amazing… You can even get drunk in your LDs, like your brain emulates the feeling of being drunk.

Charlotte my first ld ever i walked into a food shop and i ate and drink wowow it was so real and good tasting…really realistic like real life.
I then had many lds where i drank wine or ate candy and it was always super real tasting…and then i mean with all flavors! :happy:

So its a YES!


kewl! I’ll try it when i have a lucid dream! Thanks for your replies!
I think I’m getting close! 1nce I did a reality check, found that I was dreaming, then woke up because i was so excited! Heehee! :cool_laugh:

I have read two separate accounts of people using eating while lucid dreaming as an aid to dieting. One occurs in Laberge’s more recent book on lucid dreaming, the other account was elsewhere on the web. Both reported feeling true satiety during the dream, and on waking up afterwards, and one reported that the anticipation of being able to “eat” when they went to bed helped them to overcome daytime cravings.

That’s great!!! yum!