Eating in your dreams!

Maybe theres an topic on this already, but if so I’ve not seen it, so I’ll start one. :content:

Have you ever eaten in your dreams, and if so, can you recall if it tasted anything? It would be cool to like summon a big dinner with your favorite food and such (if stuff tastes in your dreams, otherwise it would be kind of unnecesary ^^). :content:

Im just on my way to bed and i think I’m gonna try this one out tonight if I get any LD’s ^^

Sleep tight and bless!

o yeah u can taste in ur dreams. ive only done it a few times and it did taste kinda weird, but lots of people eat in their dreams and say it tastes even better :happy: . i think jeff’s first LD was eating stuff in a supermarket :content: !

Oh yeah, definitly. I had pastry’s and they were all soo good…,mmmm…delicious! ^_^. I never thought dream food tasted so good :tongue:

For some reason i’ve had a lot of NLDs where I eat food made from minced meat, and it’s always extremely delicious.

The only thing I have eaten in an LD was a red currant. It tasted just like in WL

yes! this was one of the first experiments i tried :happy:
In a vivid/high leve ld, the taste is exactly as good as in real life. Not only do you taste the food/drink, but you can feel if it is hot/cold, dry/wet aswell.

mmmm dream food

eating is a yummy thing to do in dreams:)

Everything tastes more intense and just soo good!

mm and it is food that you have never eaten or food that dosent exist.

I had this yummy blueberry cake… it was so moist and yummy… and it had icing sugar on the top and cream!

i wonder if i could get the recipe for it… yummy yummy yummy

i am hungry :content:

thats so weird how the mind can let u taste that in ure sleep…hurts my head just thinking about it!

One of my favorite things to do in an LD is have some food, especially in supermarkets where there is always a huge variety-i always go towards the counter where all the sweets are :smile:

try mixing things together and baking them

i took a pizza, forced it into a bagel, added some spices and baked it


Once I had a dream whwre my I was going to save my cousins phone number on my potato chip (instead of cell phone) by adding a smaller chip to it, and when I did, it got extra deep-fried, brown and fat, kinda greasy, and the taste was so extremely intense that I couldn’t eat chips for a week.

ill have to definately try eating…that must be weird. u will probably like drewl more in ure sleep because of saliva glands though.

Reminds me of Cypher eating a steak dinner in “The Matrix.”

moniter…what do u do to get so many LDs?

Thanks for all the great replies!
Did’nt get any LDs last night so i could’nt try eat anything. ^^

But i really have to try this tonight! I WILL HAVE AN LD. ^^
Sounds cool how the food tastes so great. I will make up an tacoo buffé, have some bears and try cooking my own food. Maybe try something alien that dosent really exists in WL.

What if you could come up with some great recepies in your dreams, if the food tastes like in WL? :content:

The only time I can remember actually tasting in a dream was pretty gross. In the dream I’d been catching frogs with my little sister, but had no where to put them (this wasn’t a LD, btw). So, being resourceful, I figured I could just stash them in my mouth for a bit…
Blech! The taste was horrible, and I actually woke up spitting every where trying to get rid of it.

lol, last night i had an NLD, where i was shopping in a supermarket and i ate some of the food. it was yummy :clown: !

Usually all food is completely tasteless in my dreams. That applies to both delicious fruit and yucky live shellfish. And I have usually been busy with other things than eating in LDs. :cool: Maybe if we expect food to taste great, it will taste great?

have to try it out…i didnt think u could taste either

I had a dream once were a friend of mine started to eat imaginary food, I do not recall if i joined him.