Hi, i’m new to this forum and haven’t had any LD (well I had one 2 days ago i think for about 1 sec but I immidiately went back with the flow)

My question is: Does eating seem completely real in an LD? I want to eat lambchops that my grandfather always made for me when I was a kid. That would be real nice!!



You can do ANYTHING you want to do, just once you are able to gain control of your dreams, so you can make these lambchops appear.

the lucid dream should mke your grandfathers lambchops taste just like you want them too, or even better.

but why eat lambchops when you could fly or go on a mindless rampage :lmao: !

Thanks :ok:

Hi christo! Welcome to the forum :happy:

Eating in a LD is as real as you believe it is. It really depends on your mental attitude towards the experience of eating in a dream. So if you want to taste those lambchops again in your dreams, try to picture the taste as clearly as possible. When you eat it then, the meat will probably taste like you imagined it. It may not be quite the same in the beginning, but once you gain a bit experience, your mind will become more flexible and the experience more accurate.

Bon appetit! :wink:

I remember asking pretty much the same question when I was new here, and the answer is YES!!! As mystic said, you can do anything you put your mind to in a lucid dream! You could even visit your Grandfather while eating the lambchops with a bit of practice :smile:
Good luck!

thanks for the warm welcome mystic :biggrin:

yeah so it is just my attitude towards it that is going to set boundaries (spelling?)… cool!

charlotte: never really liked him, he never talked to me as a grandson, he was more of a stand-offish type of person. hehe

brad345: yeah, the first times will be pure rampage, but I like to eat, so when I get a few LD 's i’ll have a great party with lots to eat and drink… and smoke… mmmm marlboro (haven’t smoked all day)

I actually have the experience that food tastes much better in dreams! And although I’ve never tried to eat anything in an LD, I’m fairly sure it’s entirely possible. Whilst most people have limited senses in normal dreams (assuming they’re not dream/LD experts :wink:), a full LD might give you full senses (and control over them). Not only sight and touch but smell and taste as well! I once dreamt (not an LD) that I was eating chicken nuggets… and they tasted so great that when I woke up I was really hungry. I’ve been addicted to McNuggets ever since. :wink:

And LD’s are as real or as unreal as you want them to be. Including food ^~ (although it won’t fill your stomach for real!) So good luck! ^^

Grrrrr… I want a chicken nugget now… :sad:

Ah well… Look on the bright side! At least he made good lamb chops! :tongue:

Not sure about eating, but drinking is very real somwhat. I was trying to drink a bottle of water in my dream one time. And if you’ve ever seen cartoons where the cartoon character gets shot and then drinks something, it started pouring out of holes in me. It wasn’t scary, just really funny. My friend was laughing at me in my dream. Other then that it was very real though. Eating should be the same.

i’ve ate many times in ND and it was good, even better than in reality

You can even ruin food for your waking life,

LD --> ISSUE CMD = Increase great Steak taste * 10
LD --> Eat Steak --> mmmh

WL --> Buy 40$ steak at fancy restaurant
WL --> Eat steak --> yuk (not as good as LD steak)

You could take the opposite path. Right before you decide to wake from your LD eat some LD breakfast, but make it taste awfull, that way when you wake your waking breakfast will taste great.

The other option for not ruining food is to invent new food in your dream. Make a brick of gold “magic food” something that when you eat in your dream, tastes great * 10. You will never eat this during waking life so you can’t really ruin the taste of gold.

Your very smart, that’s a good idea, now when I go to eat something, I’m going to just take a bite out of the wall or something! :happy: Anything that’s around just grab it and it will taste great.

So what your saying is, if i go into a kitchen and see lots of beutifully prepared food, that smells amazing, i could just grab a stool and start chewing the legs off it an it will taste amazing?

Thanks :ok:

pretty much, if your lucid and you want it to taste good it will be the most perfect taste ever. And if your in a ND and subconciously you want it to taste good, then it will. If it doesn’t it’s cause you don’t want it to.

damn! that’s a great idea! :cool_laugh:

(hey… got my first LD a couple a days ago, kinda cool) :tongue:

Let me just confirm what all the others are saying: yes, food and drink taste amazing in a LD. I have tasted cola and chocolate. When I ate the chocolate I had to do a RC constantly just to make sure I was still dreaming, because that was without doubt the best tasting chocolate ever!

I will definantly eat more in my LDs :grin: