Ecstatic Dreams


I’ve had certain kinds of dreams that I call ecstatic dreams. Unlike lucid dreams I am not aware that I am dreaming and have no control over the dream events. Ecstatic dreams are like a thousand Christmasses in one. Nope,no drugs are involved. I am immensly happy and among people I most want to be with. My surroundings are bright and colorful. The feeling is joyous and peaceful. Some dreams are sexual, some are family oriented but at a higher level of joy than can be experienced in real life. I feel I’m absolutely lucky to be alive. I don’t want the occasion to end. My surroundings are idyllic.

I can’t make these dreams happen at will…damn. They occur far and few between - about four times in all in my life. They are the closest thing to pure joy, a life where everything seems perfectly right. Somehow the brain is able to enter this state during sleep but I don’t know what exactly triggers this happy brain into being.

Have you guys had any similar experiences?

I’m not sure, but I’m guessing this is when you’re still in delta (look up brainwave levels on google) and you slightly wake up. You still are asleep though. I know what it is just because you kind of get the same feeling when you are meditation to the extremeties of theta/delta. It sounds like if you did reality checks when you thought about that stuff, you could hit up a lot of ld’s like that.

I have had similar experiences. The feelings are hard to describe, it’s like your heart starts swelling and grows beyond your body and everything is beyond beautiful and wonderful, beyond words. And you want to laugh and cry at the same time but neither response is adequate.

The few times I’ve entered this state, I was awake. There weren’t any drugs involved, it was usually through meditation. Once, it was from just stopping everything and the stuff that goes on in life, stopping my brain from rambling its inner monologue, and just entering the present moment.

So yeah, this state exists outside of dreams. If you’ve found it in your dreams, you can find it IRL. The question is, how do you live in this state all the time? That’s what I’m looking for.

I have had one such dream, and it was in fact lucid. It was one of the first lucid dreams I’d ever had for an extended period of time (but before practicing LDing “officially”) basically I just went through all the dreamscapes I could find doing goofy fun things… the last part of the dream involved me reinacting things from the matrix, like trying to jump off buildings and make windows turn watery … etc.

I began wandering in a kind of dirty alley outside this restaurant and lo and behold I stumbled into a place of inconceivable and completely incomprehensible beauty.

The only way I can describe it, and the only thing I really understood… was that it was like crossing a waterfall with a rainbow. The impression that I got was that I was in a watery rainbow oasis with a waterfall being the central feature, however everything was so dazzling that it did not register properly with my senses, I couldn’t really “see” things properly (or maybe I could but just can’t remember now) but I was overcome with the most profound sense of joy ever. I immediately broke down crying in sheer wonder …

I went back once maybe a month later and have yet to have such a powerful experience since. But there is something to be said for exploring the darker and “dirtier” realms of your dreams. For those of us who have created little minature hells in our heads, perhaps the only way to get to heaven is to traverse through them. Step through our shadows, go where we wouldn’t normally go, and do so with a light heart to see what may be found on the other side.

The other option is to bypass the tradtional REM state while meditating in a lucid dream. Perhaps going into an NDE or… something of the sorts. But to not bog it down with labels… just try to meditate in a dream state. I very rarely succeede in having the will to, but last night in my first REM I sat and meditated upon the sacral chakra.

Nothing too profound happened, but everything sort of became somewhat watery and I awoke still meditating with a sense of accomplishment that I could actually sit down in a dream for a period of time without being distracted by all my impulses and the sort of garish distractions that the dreamscape has to offer.

I look forward to using a chakra mantra properly in dream, as I imagine it can be sustained indefinitely using the “voice” of the mind, riding in the resonance of pure thought “vocalized” whereas in waking life you have to generally first use the mantra for a long period of time then meditate upon the resonance it has left inside your head.

i think i had 1 dream like this. i was in a vacation with jennifer aniston , we were lying in water beds at the pool ,sunbathing and chatting.Those were good days :tongue:

The only times I’ve experienced this type of “euphoria” (that’s how I refer to it)is when I have love dreams with a partner.