Edgar Cayce, America's sleeping prophet

I noticed little is mentioned here about Edgar Cayce. He is known as “the Sleeping Prophet” because he could enter the dreaming state consciously and tap into information to share with the waking world. I think he was a person to truly utilize the potential of dreams. I think we have a lot to learn from him.




These are excerpts from the article found from the above URL. I think the full article gives an unbias view of the intriguing predictions made by Cayce. … and some a little bizzare such as:

Jesus Christ superstar! oh yes, I would be thankful if the world ended soon after that. :wink:

I’d like to find a list of the predictions Cayce has predicted correctly. I don’t think the future is set in stone. So although some predictions may be off or inaccurate, I still think we have lots to learn from him.

I think he was more of a healer than a prophet. He helped many people with alternative health practices using stones, colors, crystals, or other natural methods. He seemed more successful at this than some of his bizarre predictions.

You can learn more about Cacye here:

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Yeah I’ve read about him. He seemed to have some amazing powers though I don’t really have an opinion on him. I knew about him because in the 1930s he prophesied pieces of Atlantis would be found near the Bimini atoll in the Bahamas. That would happen in the year 1968 or 1969. And indeed in 1968 divers found large underwater structures (the Great Bimini Wall) which seemed manmade and disappeared below the surface. Those divers apparently never knew about the predictions of Cayce.
Yeah he was a very intriguing man… Thx for bringing up the topic :smile: