EDILD (Extreme Desperation Initiated Lucid Dream) Heh, heh

:ebil: Reaper here… I have been thinking. It takes so long for the average person, to get there first LDs, or to even LD successfully. It certianly is fustrating, failing over and over again, with no results! What if there was a sure hit way to get an LD? :wow: …well in that effort I have created a new technique EDILD Extrem Desperation Initiated Lucid Dream! NOTE: :uptosomething: For those who are fustrated and desperate to LD. Or for any one interested)

Extreme Desperation Initiated Lucid Dream EDILD

This is a very simple technique… :shy:

  1. You need a free day to do this.
    2.Basically from the moment you wake you will rant “I will lucid dream tonight”, “I will realize I am dreaming when I am dreaming”, “I will have many lucid adverntures”, “My Lucid dreams will be fun”, and anything else you can think of repeat them over and over. Say stuff like “I must lucid dream tonight!!!”. Rant this over and all day. (Hey its called “Extreme Desperation Initiated Lucid Dream” for a reason" Do it with some feeling. Act like your going insane, pore all your energy into it. Even when you stop to eat repeat “I will lucid dream”, “I will realize Im dreaming the next time im dreaming” do it the entire day.
  2. Also think about lucid dreaming. Think about what you will do. Think about creating a dream world. Think about exploring. Think about lucid dreaming.
    3.You must stay in your room or sit some where and do this all day. Make it fun by acting like a crazy person. Say everything to ensure a lucid dream
  3. Go to sleep keep repeating your rantings.
    -You need a whole day to do this. ALL DAY. Do nothing else. Stay in one place. So for about 12 hours or so straight. From the moment you wake up to night time.
    -the idea is if you rant, and think about this stuff all day, it will force your mind to have an LD, giving it no other choice.

(NOTE: Cant garentee 100% success but it should work though,)

There you have it! :grin:

It will take some effort but it will be worth it.

I wonder if anyone will actually try this…

It either works and you get your LD, or it fails completely and then your motivation is pretty much screwed completely :slight_smile: Personally I wouldn’t try it due to that risk.

Yeah, but its likely to work. Like I said for the desprate and fustrated ones…

It’ s like telling your SC to get you to LD :grin:
This seems like a time-waster though… I’ll try it some other time, but not now. Maybe on a weekend or holiday.

I’m pretty sure this would work, but I don’t think many people would put a whole day aside just for it.

yeah time is a issue here, for the desperate and fustrated. I mean when you think about it, it is worth it, I mean come on some people spend a month trying to LD, or 2 weeks and what not. I mean you have been putting weeks, or even months trying to LD, one day is no big deal compared to all the failers. Than again…

Yeah but… around 12 hours into just repeating words? :sad:

This actually is a very effective method; however, I wouldn’t recommend locking yourself in a room for 12 straight hours just thinking about lucid dreaming. That’s a bit unhealthy. You could get the same result by doing whatever you want all day while still constantly thinking about lucid dreaming (you could even bring a spiral wherever you go and doodle “lucid dreaming” everywhere or something, heh).

You don’t want a technique to be so demanding that it makes a person more interested/concerned with their dreaming life rather than their waking life.

If I would act insane repeating the same words over and over again in my room for 12 hours I would probably go insane for real :confused:

That seems like it would work. You would probobly lose your voice though, and people would get mad at you :meh:

And if you don’t shout it, and think it in your mind… The men in white suits will come looking for you…

Extreme-Desperation Intiated Lucid Dream. LAST RESORT TECHNIQUE.

p.s. lol MovieMe :razz:

I’ll give it a try…hope it workss!! :grin:

You don’t have to act like a madman. You could act like a monk. Reciting the mantra. You could isolate yourself, sort of a lucid dreaming retreat. Sit calmly and repeat the words. Even if you don’t have a lucid dream that night, you have trained yourself to think the words.

Lol you can maybe sit down and meditate on that thought for a long time. I don’t meditate, or do any spiritual practice, because I happen to get bored rather easily. Plus, my intentions are not that strong, and I would eventually give up after a while. That’s what I did when I wanted to LD, and I eventually gave up. But now I’m picking up interest again, and hopefully it’ll be better than last time. :wiske:

i imagine that doing this for just an hour before going to sleep would almost be as effective, assuming that lucid dreaming was the onnly thing in your mind for that last hour until you fall asleep