Doesn’t sound familiar. It sounds more like a reoccurring nightmare feeded by the fear of it happening again the next time. Like in normal dream, if you fear something will happen, then it will only act as a trigger for it to happen.

Easy solution: Don’t try to wild when going to bed, but try it after a few hours of sleep (this makes it easier to slide directly into a dream). Also don’t lay on your back, because it tends to increase stuff like SP.

Sounds kinda like an OBE to me. I have experienced “the vibrations” and had an OBE once. I have heard from the more experienced that the vibrations can become painful if they last for long, like yours.

And if you’re paralyzed, and you’re (almost) asleep, it makes sense to me that it’s SP.


I believe that’s all the beginning of WILD (or OBE, depending on your views on the subject). I’ve had it before, although the vibrations didn’t get painful. I think it’s part of the SP process too. Remember that not every SP or WILD are the same. Sometimes you feel some things, sometimes you don’t.

When I get those, though, I usually don’t get into a LD :tongue: Let’s hope someone else can help you there. If you get this every night it sounds to me that you’re one step away to getting LD’s everynight :tongue: You just need to figure this thing out and find a way to get into a LD from there.

Just like fearing, I imagine becoming annoyed would also intensify the experience, since it’s kind of a way to fight back. Maybe you should just try to relax or ignore everything and go with the flow? Or try visualizing a dream scene? Good luck!

Just a weird idea: Could it be some kind of health problem? Can you lie on your back for a longer time, lets say 30-60 min, without pain?

My idea: Back or neck problems, blood pressure, something like that might cause pain or headache when lying in your bed, and that gets projected into your dreams.


My guess would be that since it’s a scary feeling (even if you’re not scared it is, how can I say, almost “violent”? I mean it can feel like someone is shaking you, or sitting on your chest), maybe that feeling helps create the mood of the dream :confused:

Whenever I WILD like that it’s usually dark at first too. For me sight is one of the last senses to come. Perhaps with some practice and stimulating other senses while you wait for sight (or just more light) to come might help…