I found this link below the other day and I thought it would be good to post here to let everyone see. It is a school that teaches you how to do OBEs.

I was wondering if anyone else knows of any schools out there that can teach you things like OBEs, or any other things like Meditation, Auras, Chakras, etc.

Maybe in some regular colleges they have regular courses that can teach you things that will open up your mind to new possibilities. If you know of anything post it so we can see.

I had trance indution in the seventh grade (that’s eighth grade according to the US system, I was 13 years old), it was somewhat like WILD, we had to do a relaxation exercise and step into a kind of a dream world…

It was quite neat, actually.

It was part of our schools Don’t-Use-Drugs program (schools in Brazil must have this kind of program according to the law), which wasn’t really a don’t use drugs program, but rather a know yourself, make a choice and, if you choose to do drugs, learn not to waste yourself on them.

Yes my school is weird, it’s the best. :cool: