Effect of Sugar before bed on Dreams

Sorry if this is the wrong topic.

Some sites say not to have sugar before bed, but I get the feeling sugar may excite more dreams or at least make them more vivid. I could be wrong, but haven’t found an answer on sugar yet, so what experience do you guys and gals have with sugar and dreams etc.?


I have never tried, I’ll try tonight and report back for you tommorow! :smile:

Makes my dreams stupid/crazy/silly, makes my dreams more vivid, and helps me wake up right after a dream. I’d say the last two are related.

I gave it a shot last night, with a big glass of sprite just before bed.

Wow, had one hell of a vivid dream this morning, it still had a bit of fuzziness to it (currently I’m still in the stage of building up vividness through dream journalling). It was technically what any student would call a nightmare :razz:

Was in my history class and all of a sudden got told I had a test next period and the whole time I couldn’t find my books/notes etc. and apparently my schedule was wrong (explaining why the test was now not a week later.)

I reckon the sugar may have had quite an impact as I was able to quite clearly remember every detail as I wrote it down.

Edit: I reckon I almost had my 1st lucid dream during the aforementioned history dream. It was as soon as I realised that I couldn’t have been in class and that I must be dreaming that I suddenly woke up. Damn it so close…

I tried and my dreams were much more vivid, interesting find!

Ive tried it 4 nights in a row now. As I go to bed i mix 3 big spoons of sugar in a glass of water… (euh), the first night I had a very vivid dream in the morning, the other three nights offered not as vivid as the first one, but it did increase the vividness of my dreams!

Hey that’s great to hear! I have only done it the one night so far because I still had a bottle of sprite in the fridge. I’m hoping there is quite a strong link with sugar and the vividness of dreams, however I want to keep it sporadic in case it loses its effect.

ima go try this out. Sounds good! I’ll post back here when I get some data