Einstein's Distraction Index

Locked the topic since it seems, you can’t easily share the information and most replies are only asking about what it is

Is someone here familiar with this system?

No, but now I’m interested…

What is the system, show me :smile:

Well, its a system thats meant to build up 100% concentration in a very short period of time. Einstein himself used it throughout his entire life. You start by building it for lets say 3 minutes and its like a shot thats good for 6weeks to 6 months. Meaning that after you do it once, you will never be distracted in the initial three minutes again for 6 weeks - 6 months in whatever you do. After you build it for 3 minutes, you can go for 5 minutes, than 7 etc… The normal person’s max should be 21 minutes, although it depends on the individual, Einstein himself was able to do it for 42 minutes. You can reach your max in a very low amount of time and it lasts for many weeks so…
I have yet to try it but I will on Friday as I expect tomorrow to be a very busy day.
I will post results, although I doubt it will go any less better than expected…
As I bought this information from a source over the net, I am not sure I am entitled to distribute it here. I’ll check it out and hopefully post it here soon.

How do you do it though, you said you “build it up”, build what up? What’s the technique?

I did not understand what you said relv, but its about building concentration, can you explain it easier please?

Sounds interesting.

I searched “Einstein’s Distraction” on Google and found out that this topic is the very first thing on the list :eek:! Nice! :ok:

But as I noticed, all the other pages don’t seem to mention Einstein’s Distraction at all :neutral:.

we must discover such a method of great concentration and awareness.

I really want to explain but Im afraid Ill get sued or something

Ill try it tomorrow and if it really works that amazingly, Ill think it out…

Im really interested to boost my concentration, I need it :shy: