Either a WILD/MILD try or a dream recall?

in the last few weeks I noticed I have the choice…either I say to myself “I’ll wake up as I have dreamt and remember the dream”, causing me to actually to wake up at any night time and remember my dream, or to try MILD/WILD, which fails and seems to prevent me from waking up.

So either I “risk” the lost of a whole night of dreams or I try to reach lucidity…isn’t there a way to achieve both? I mean, I have had lucid dreams recently, but “iniciated” either by a RC or dreamsigns…no way to succeed in MILD/WILD techniques, not even with WBTB :meh:

I think if you just set your intention to remembering before going to bed and trying to remember right as you wake up will give you good DR. With MILD/WILD you will make your dreams something to pay attention to. At least for me, trying MILD always let me remember the next morning.

It’s funny you brought this up. I have noticed a strange correlation between the nights that I seriously attempt WILD (this may last from one to two hours) and a decrease in my ability to remember my dreams.
Don’t take this as definitive though. Everybody is different - as grasswar said be sure to set your intention before bed and you should be able to maintain fairly regular dream recall (with the help of your dream diary).

And make sure you have a DJ. Of course you will instantly have nice recall if you wake up from a dream, but there are other ways to have awesome DR. In the last christmas vacation thingy, I had such awesome DR, without waking up instantly from dreams.

Here’s a tip: Go through the day backwards. Im in bed now, what did I do before that? And before that? And repeat that (with as much details as possible, and dont rush it, theres no time limit on it or something, just complete it before you fall asleep) until you get to getting up from bed for the last time. Then see what your DR was then. You are “mentally tired” then, and falling asleep is easier as well. Also, always update your DJ…

I have this exact same problem… I’m not sure if I want to try to induce a lucid dream, or wake up periodically through the night… I guess you could try both if you just set your intention on each…
(ex. I’m going to wake up after each dream and remember them.
Then MILD while still repeating the above mantra…)