Electrical power lines when flying in LD's

Do you often encounter electrical power lines when you fly in LD’s? It happens to me rather often and they often block my way. I also found in EWLD this remark concerning power lines when flying.

What is your experience with power lines ? Did you try to fly through them and if so what happened ?

I’ve never had a problem with power lines. But then i fly using a broom (WITCH!! lol, not quite :happy: ), so it might be different when i’m not.

If i DID find power lines, i’d try to remove them or teleport elsewhere

A friend of mine told me that when she encountered power lines (induced by a similar topic I posted one another forum :gni: ), she just went through without any problem. :smile:

That ain’t a good sign :eek:


I had a lucid dream the other night that had power lines all over it. I could fly in to them and through them, I was also able to make them disappear at will. But yes I encounter them often

I haven’t had a problem with power lines mainly because the power lines where I live are underground… :meh:

Though I do wonder how it would feel to try and just fly through them…