Electronic Voice Phenomena

I just saw the movie White Noise.
On the DVD, it was also a mini-documentary about Electronic Voice Phenomena wich I found so interesting that I wanted to start a thread about the phenomenon.
Do you think EVP’s is voices from the dead? Do this voices come from ghosts or is it from dead people in Purgatory?

A website about EVP’s is aaevp.com/

Personally, I go with the atmospheric explanation; but I made a white noise device, it’s soooooo relaxing…

I like to turn it on and think. I don’t know, it seems the white noise just clears our mind from all those side-thoughts and noises…

I don’t think what REMdreamer is talking about is white noise itself.

The title of the movie is WHITE NOISE. And well, yes, technically that is what the sound is, it goes beyond just the noise. It’s the detection of sounds and in rare instances voices that aren’t there.

I saw that movie too REMdreamer and although for the most part it was really far fetched, there were instances that made my hair stand on end b/c of how eerily accurate it was.

As far as your question

I would say that would fall along the lines of where your belief is. Not everyone believes in Purgatory.

I see it along the lines of communicating with other realms. Where I stand is that whatever you’re using to ‘communicate’ or obtain communication becomes an oracle of sorts. You really just can’t pick up something and say “okay, let’s do this”. You can but, imo, it’s not good.

This subject is quite scary, but I’ll reveal some knowledge myself:

EVP comes only from the dead, mostly through recordings. One example: If you went to a haunted (for real) house and left a tape-corder there, then went off and did something and returned after an hour and listened thru the tape, you’ll hear odd scrambled voices. www.ghoststudy.com offers more insight to this as well as other crazy facts. (even a gallery of real and fake ghosts)

I was a mod on a paranormal forum when the movie “White Noise” was released. I didn’t see the movie but we had a lot of questions and from these, it was clear that this movie didn’t reflect at all the phenomenon (or at least he reflects it as well as the movie Poltergeist reflects the poltergeist phenomenon - you know, when the girl is imprisonned by ghosts into the TV :tongue: ).

It’s generally the case with all the Hollywood movies. They just take a phenomenon and transform it anyhow just in order to have a larger audience. It gives sometimes good and frightening movies, but I think it’s no use to discuss about movies. They are just not serious.

Now about the real EVP phenomenon. Some people claims they can have a contact with deceased people from a white noise through televisions or sound tracks.

I heard of two “serious” experiments. A french association tried to produce ITC (Instrumental TransCommunication, that is the same through TV interference). They had no results. Then they found it was a “good” idea to film someone (so that the “spirit” would try to be near to them, they say) then to feedback the TV with this image through a sort of complicated larsen process. Of course, they saw lots of distorted faces. But because of the process itself, this seems to be not at all conclusive!

An interesting experiment was leaded about EVP. A guy produced white noise on a computer then he filtered this white noise so that it corresponds only to the human voice register. When you heard this, it sounded like human voice, but you couldn’t understand what was said. Yet here is the interesting point! When somebody tells you: “on this soundtrack, the spirit (or what you want) says this”, what was incomprehensible before becomes a quite audible sentence.

As for me, EVC/ITC (and the whole ghost photography chapter) are the less convincing (if convincing at all) thing in parapsychology. They are generally based upon a well known cognitive delusion which is called pareidolia. The soundtrack case was very interesting cause it shows it’s very easy to cause an “auditory pareidolia” (I don’t know what term could be used, as idolia means an image). And I’ve to say that I’ve seen far better pareidolias than those who are produced by EVC/ITC.

Coincidentally I’ve been watching Ghost Hunters on the Sci-Fi channel for the past couple days and they do multiple EVP recordings in each “haunted” location. Interesting stuff, I don’t know if it is real or if I would consider it bullsh*t but it is strange to say the least…I’ve never put much faith into the afterlife/ghosts but some of their stuff is making me scratch my head about it. It seems that most of the EVP or video evidence that has been captured by them (of ghosts) is like watching someone from the past. You can visit their website view evidence or submit your own @ <www.tapsparamagazine.com>

If you want my honest opinion about “ghosts”, here it is: Enough of these sightings and experiences have happened that it leads me to believe that there is an invisible near-undetectable force at play in our world. As we all know, time is irrelivant. It exists only in our world and is based on the earth’s movement around the solar system and the rotation on it’s axis. Now I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that maybe these spirits are actually from another dimension layered over ours. Perhaps disturbances in electromagnetic fields or something is causing us to observe past events overlaping on our time (this would explain why many ghosts are oblivious to us and are performing everyday tasks). Are we ghosts in another time prior to our own and we don’t know it? Maybe energy in the environment is being released somehow and primitively recreating past events?..Well those are my current theories on supernatural events, but knowing me it won’t last long. This crap is so confusing… :sad:

I don’t know this TV show. I’ve searched about it and I see there were 29 episodes. If each parapsychologist could find so easily evidences, parapsychology wouldn’t be a parascience but a science. :wink: Yet the “evidences” that you can find on their site (which seems to be no more maintained since 2002, so I supposed that it has been created only for giving a sort of credibility to the show) are quite ridiculous and they really can be considered as jokes. Everybody can do them easily. The “evidences” visitors posted are even worse and some of them obviously involve easy trick effects. And of course, you can photograph tons of orbs when you want with a numerical camera and a flash light by night.

So their EVP recordings cannot be considered for serious and in my opinion, it even discredites people who seriously practice parapsychology.

By the way, in modern parapsychology, the hypothesis of ghosts, spirits of dead, etc. is no more accepted. The only similar cases which hold attention are poltergeists and they are said to be unconsciously produced by a living person. So that those kind of phenomena are not really related to the past.