Electronics in dreams

I have reasonably frequent dreams (most of the time lucid) where i was playing on my PC, and it (as always) acted really weird, videos were off topic and searching didnt always work, am i the only one that has these types of dreams?

Sometimes I have these dreams too. They are really vivid but not lucid though.

I heard it’s a common dream theme that electronics don’t work properly. I dream about computer related stuff or other electronic equipment quite frequently as it’s also related to my work, but most of the time they work decently well, not so much like in those reports I just mentioned.

Just yesterday I post this and pronto do I get a dream where electronics are really failing me big time. I had a lot of bad user experience with ticket vending machines before but nothing like in last night’s dream. Looking up the route I need to take, buying the ticket and using it (it had to be activated somehow) were all incredibly difficult to impossible. The clerk at the station had to take quite a heavy complaint from me. :lol:

Maybe dream world is a Harry Potter world where muggle technology does not work properly.