Embarrasing dreams

Tonight I had one of those stupid ‘embarrasing dreams’… You know, the dream when you suddenly realize that you’re completely naked and therefor feel really emabarrased and would love to just disappear or hide somewhere if you could… but you can’t. And everyone’s looking at you… Well something like that.
In my dream tonight for example I went to the toilet and I suddenly realized that the toilet was in the middle of a hallway and I was sitting on it completely naked. Suddenly there were more and more people coming in the hallway and I didn’t want to get off until they’d all leave. Then I asked my mum if she could give me a towel and she just said in a mean voice “go get it yourself!” I then ran to the bathroom, locked myself in and started crying when I heard everyone laughing at me outside…
When I woke up I was so angry that I dreamed something so stupid. First of all I would never go on a toilet in the middle of a hallway and even if I did, I would definitely not cry about it. I’m not at all ashamed of my body and so I wouldn’t feel nearly as embarrased in RL as I felt in my dream. So it’s just stupid!
Have others ever had that kind of embarrasing dreams? What’s the deal with that anyway?

(Btw I’m sorry If there’s already been the same kind of topic in this forum, I just didn’t find it.)

The last time I had an LD, I also found myself without clothes within the dream and that was something that tipped me off to the fact that it was a dream. Besides the fact that there were lots of tv characters around, obviously helped.

Next time it happens to you, perhaps you’ll notice it’s an LD.
Do you get this dream situation often before you started LDing? And since you have been trying to have LD’s and getting them, did you still get it often?

Minako lol i know such dreams also…in my puberty i had those sometimes, these days they are very rare…i always experience them as very weird…and you can feel in such dreams very much a shamed of yourself.


I’ve had them too. I think everyone gets them. I’ve even been naked in church some time ago. In a dream I mean!

Oh it’s really good to know that others have that kind of dreams too! :wink: I haven’t been naked in church yet, but I’ve been there in my pyjamas, which isn’t as bad as being naked, but still… :smile:

I never become lucid from that kind of dream as Clark said. I’ll try next time (if there’ll be a next time, which I hope not). But I’m so glad when I finally wake up and realize it was just a dream! I don’t get these dreams often, just sometimes. Only had a few actually, but even that’s enough!

My most embarassing dream moment was actually in a recent prelucid dream in which I was um, how to say it… pulling an Arnold Swarzennegerneggerigger or however you spell it. Except the girl that I was doing that on turned into a guy unexpectedly when I lost sight of her. Damned subconscious. I ran for my life.

I’ve never been naked in a dream, then again I usually never see my dream body.

I got lucid once when I was naked in downtown toronto, trying to cover my groin with a ziplock bag i found on the street (clear btw :roll:) It was I first lucid dream I believe, never forget that!

… why did you waste your time with a ziplock bag?
lol!! At least something good came out of it!

Its not like I picked it up, I was just holding it there for some reason. It was before I got lucid, so…

I had one just like these that I remeber and think of when I need a pick-me-up.
I was at church and the priest was doing his thing on the alter.
All the sudden I’m butt naked standing up.
He yelled at me Blasphemer!
And everyone looks.
Then I yell God I sacrifice your servant to you
And he bursts into flames.

Still makes me giggle.

I can imagine that. Disturbing and funny. Reminds me of “Rush Hour 2”.

Whoa BioHazard, that’s cool! You were lucid, right?
Heh heh… I can imagine that too.

No it was a normal dream I had about 6 years ago.


Had an embarassing dream a couple of days ago which I forgot to post in the dream diary forum. I needed to go to the toilet, I couldn’t find toilet paper. Then there were lots of people which was embarassing. I wasn’t naked or anything like that, however. But I did write down ‘embarassing’ in my dream diary…

Toilets with poor privacy is a dreamsign for most people. I always do an RC when im on the toilet.

Anyway my last one of those dreams was when i took a shower in a clothing store. After that i spent the next few minutes of the dream feeling ashamed but still trying to convince a friend i was with (and myself) that it was perfectly normal to shower in a public store. That was a non-lucid dream.

i used to have those dreams when i was in primary school, i would be walking down the hall of my school notice i was naked then, look around and behind me was always my clothes in a pile on the ground. Always the hallway and always the school and had them quite a bit.

Yeah that’s a good idea! I should remember that! Always do an RC when you feel you need to go to the toilet. :smile:

I’ve begun to do that now. Yesterday I felt tired of these RC’s since I haven’t done one in a dream so far… I must not give up!

This is a rather embarrasing scene from a dream for me.

I’m standing on the lawn, talking to a cloudly incarnation of god.
Me:“I’m an atheist because…well…uh…damn.”
How would YOU like telling GOD that you are an atheist. :grin:

I don’t think your intelligence has much to do with what actions you take in a dream. It’s basically a story that you’re watching, or “living” for yourself. If there’s one time that free will really is an illusion, it’s when you’re dreaming. Because dreams are something from your subconscious, it’s more what they represent that’s important. So it doesn’t really matter if what you did in a dream was stupid, it probably represented something quite reasonable. Well, that’s what I think, and I’m probably wrong.

Anyway, I feel somewhat left out, because I’ve never had any of those “nakedity” dreams. I did have a very weird one last night though. I was in this new school, and it was really massive, and I think it was a boarding school. And it was all really modern. And really really hygenic-looking. Like, it was all like a swimming pool-type building. And there were these rows of what looked like lockers, except that they were actually toilets! And they were in rows of two. And you had to climb up, and lock the door, and then do your business, but they made us all do it at the same time. Which was somewhat embarrassing, because I couldn’t get mine to close. Anyway, I eventually got lucid because of the sheer ridiculousness of the situation.