Emotion Control

I recently had my first two LDs, but they both lasted for only about five seconds.

As soon as I realize being in a dream and thus having the “power” over my surroundings, I am overwhelmed by an uncontrollable wave of euphoria, mixed with some kind of uncertainity/nervousity/slight fear, I could best describe it as the feeling you have if you suddenly remember something unpleasant you had forgotten about for some time…but the euphoria clearly is the dominating feeling.

The first time I realized I was lucid, before I could even think of anything else, I punched the air and shouted out a triumphant howl. I instantly woke up.

Then, after I read it up and knew this was a common problem for starters, I auto-suggested myself not to let myself get overwhelmed by it when I become lucid for the next time.

That next time was in a quite frightening dream, not exactly a nightmare but partially unpleasant. I was attacked by a monster (I don’t remember correcty, but I wrote down that was something resembling to a humanoid dog, similar to a werewolf, but smaller and less wolf-like). In the very moment it jumped towards me, I felt instinctively (no reality check or something) I was in a dream. In that moment the scenery was dramatically changing. The clouds covering the sky broke up and as I stared at the creature it seemed to “melt” under my stare. I was overwhelmed by the feeling of triumph again and woke up.

So, what I’m actually asking for is, in which way can I train myself not to exaggerate this triumphant feeling linked to becoming lucid, so I won’t wake up? Which are effective techniques to control this kind of feelings?


The first time I realized I was lucid, I got over excited and woke up.
And the second time, I already learned to control myself.When I realized I’m dreaming, the dream started to fade, and I instantly said: ‘‘NO!I want to have a lucid dream!I want to stay in the dream!’’ or something like that.It worked.Every time.Lots of people rub their hands too.Many find it useful.

There, I hope this was of some help.

In my (admittedly few) LDs, I think it’s helped that I had concentrated on giving myself a task before falling asleep - something to focus on besides the incredible fact that you are awake inside your dream. That way I could save my euphoria for after the dream. Hope this helps!

Thanks for your advices,
I’ll let you know how it worked for me.

By the way, I am a musician and always hear music in dreams, but I can’t remember a thing when I awake.

I just took a nap and at the end of my dream I stood under a starlit sky in my hometown and was composing music as I slowly walked the street…the music I “thought” appeared all around me, and I said to myself “remember the melody when…”, yeah, when what? I was not truly lucid for I wasn’t fully aware I’m in a dream, but I felt I will leave the place I am in soon, that I’m shortly before “the end” and have to remember the melody when I’m “elsewhere”.

Does anyone know what this is? I wasn’t aware I’m in a dream, but I did what I wanted to do in my dream and was able to do simple reflection (“who am I, where do I live”). I knew this wasn’t the place I live in today, but I did not question why I was here…I forgot to do a reality check, and I honestly didn’t care where I am, I was too focused in composing…

Oh, and I remember parts of the music…already wrote it down.

I think what you describe is called a false lucid dream… or something like that.
When I have an LD I have this uneasy feeling too, never been able to get rid of it.
To calm myself from the… happiness… of discovering I’m having an LD, I try clearing my head of everything… the one time I tried this, it worked, but I woke up shortly afterward, the cat jumped on my chest.

Hello Major ( I’ll call you that :happy: )
I got kicked out of my first LD’s before I could as much as say “Hey im Lu…” due to the same excitement and euphoria. My advice would be to just go with the flow, try to calm yourself down a little bit but not overdo it. From my own experience my dreams started to last longer as I got more used to them, so I think it will come naturally :smile:.

The thing you said about the “Dream-werewolf of doom”, I once experienced something simillar. I had a purple dog barking at me and snarling. I found out that I was dreaming and all of the sudden the dog just sat down going into a total standby mode. Everything tends to stop moving on its on when I get lucid. DC’s disappear or just go completely “Neutral”. I hope this will change with time, cuz I find that exploring my surroundings with its inhabitants is the most fun of LD’s. By the way, you being a composer and hearing tunes in your dreams is awesome, with time you might create a masterpiece. :wink: Good luck in your future dreaming!

// Kris