I was reading on dreams and saw an idea about what dreams MIGHT be. Basically its just emotions that you feel as you’re sleeping that manifest themselves into dream imagery.if you feel afraid it might be a tidal wave or if you feel really happy you fly. throughout this forum people mention feeling stronger emotions than usual in dreams and use them as dreamsigns too. but how much does the emotion have to do with the dream environment. what you see and hear? im not sure its entirely true but i think theres a little something to it. in itself though is loose enough to make your own ideas.

About what dreams are theres no evidence or smallest proof.As usuall in such cases there is milions of theories.So it all comes down to what one believes in.
In my opinion its an independant world/space/place(name it) where what we think/feel/want(those are same as we “think” them all not allways conciously) have a manifestation in 3d with sound.Thoughts have creating power there.
Sometimes its all unlogicall and messy due to our weak ability to controll our thoughts or undisciplined mind.I personally believe that once we die we go to this next dimension - after first confusion we learn how to keep the worlds of our wish stable.
Of course there are many other theories- that brain is just in “rest” mode and pictures we see are just random electrical impulses…that dreams are to help us in real life by learning through them(i.e avoid danger or else) so its also evolutionary thing given to us by nature by purpose…
…and many many others.