Emotionless dreams

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Hey guys, I was wondering, I don’t know if this is the right place to ask but do you usually have emotions while dreaming normal or lucid. I got to the point of remembering something of my dreams almost every day but most of my dreams, about 99%, are emotionless. I can only remember 2 dreams in many months where I actually felt something. Is this normal?

Hey Kraska :smile:

What exactly do you mean when you say you are emotionless? Do you really fell nothing at all?
I remember one dream where I felt nothing. I was a zombie in that dream and I only did what I was asked for, I didn’t question anything and I felt absolutely nothing - no motivation, I didn’t think about what I was doing…
Are your dreams like the one I just described?
In any other dreams I do feel. No strong emotions but emotions like a bit fear, stressed, annoyed, exhausted etc.
It could be also that your dream memory needs to be more enhanced. I used to forget about all my emotions either because I just didn’t write them down. Then you can remember your dreams but you think differently about what happend and that could vanish the acutal emotions you had.

I’m not sure if I was a help but I just wanted to help :smile: I don’t think your dreams not normal or anything. Everbody dreams differently, I don’t think we have something like “that’s normal” and “that’s not normal!” :content:

I think to enhance your dream memory could show what’s going on with your emotions in your dream.

Best regards
Nate :tongue:

Hey Nate,

Thank you for the answer :smile: actually I’m not looking for a “solution” just some opinions, so of course I’m glad for your answer.

It’s true that I’m still working on my dream recall. I reached a point where I can remember at least a dream, or at least a fragment of a dream, every night. The thing is that I don’t think my dream memory has much to do with my emotionless dreams. Because I had two highly emotional dreams in a few months and I still remember them very well, even without writhing them in a diary. I also never dream that I am dead, or a zombie. Most of my dreams are like watching a movie, where I am just a passive observer. Like, two nights ago I dreamt that I had a girlfriend who was collapsed on the ground. I instintively knew that I should be sad, but the actually feeling of sadness never came. I was watching myself crying, from a third person perspective, but never actually felt anything. And this is how most of my dreams go.

Hi again Kraska :happy:

So your dream recall works, sometimes better sometimes less good. Whups, I didn’t mean if you are litterly zombie or something :happy: Sorry, I just took that es an example, ignore the zombie, it was just about the emotions :smile:

Ah, now I know what you mean! The third person perspective! I have lots of dreams what are like yours as well! No, I don’t think you have to worry about your dreams. I don’t feel anything when I’m having these certain dreams too. You just have them more often than I do :smile: And yes, sometimes I have dreams either where I think: “You should be in shock, said, afraid etc.” but I’m not. That’s why I’m pretty sure now that your dreams absolutely normal :smile:
If you don’t like the third person you could try to change that by saying yourself before you go to sleep “I want to dream in the first person!” If you keep that in mind perhaps it’ll change then :smile:

Best regards
Nate :tongue:

Hi Kraska! I know what you mean, I had a dream in which a thief stabbed me on the head & I was like “meh, guess Im gonna die” while laying on the floor emotionless! :eh:

A week or two ago I had a nightmare (I made some artwork of this one and I will be sharing it in a few days :content: ) in which a big meteorite smashed against the planet and agaaain… I was just thinking “Hmm, I can finally know how it feels to die… nice” XD just after that I panicked because I was trapped in a dark place :eek: (dream logic at it’s best! ha ha)

So, maybe it’s a common thing, because Im sure that I wouldn’t be relaxed if those things happened to me in real life! :shy:

I think I can relate to that. Quite often I am very calm in dreams when facing something that would have upset me in real life.