Emotions in Dreams

Ive found that I can feel certain ways in a dream but when i wake up everything changes. For example, something outrageously funny happend and I was laughing like crazy. I woke up seconds later but I couldn’t laugh at all even though I remember exactly what happend that made me laugh.
There was another occasion when something funny happend in a dream and I woke up and laughed. This laugh wasnt natural though. It was like I had to force it instead of it naturally coming out. Aynone else had a similar experience?

It seems to me that any emotion I feel in a dream is about ten times as powerful as in real life. I may have waken up about five times from a dream with my entire face wet from tears. And I found many things funny in dreams that I found quite retarded when I thought of them again IWL…

Hi Jack Rabbit,
Do you speak about normal dreams or LD’s?

I have definatly found things in [normal] dreams that seemed funny in the dream, but really dumb outside and vice versa. I haven’t experienced this sort of thing with other emotions such as pleasure or fear.

Yes i know what you are talking about, I remember some years ago when i had a ND that the whole world turned on me… you can imagine the feeling, So i was devastated to my bone and started crying. The next thing i woke up and i actually had some tears in my eyes, but the sad feeling was totally gone, the feeling went away with the dream :smile:

EDIT: And not to even talk about the emotion i get when i ever have some sexually dreams, I don’t think i can ever relive those emotions IWL. You are talking about ‘thoughts’ that give you orgasms, not to get too detailed. But thats a funny fact.

I get the feeling that my dreams can make or break a day before it even begins. Depending on what kinds of dreams I have during the night, I’ll be cheerful or ill-mannered by default during the day.

I can usually remember my last dream before waking up even without a technique, and that dream nearly always reflects my mood for the rest of the day. Now that I’m getting better recall, I’m starting to see that most of my dreams in each night follow the same mood as well, and this can be totally different from what I feel like when I go to bed. In other words, my dreams play a big role in how I feel throughout the day, which affects pretty much everything. This means that my subconscious has much more direct control over my daily life than I thought possible. I can’t wait to have a “chat” with him…

On-topic, intense emotions I feel in NDs that I remember tend to stick around for a long time. I look forward to experimenting with emotions in LDs.

Yeah, I’ve also noticed that emotions tend to be alot more intense in dreams compared to real life. Its weird though- sometimes when waking up I’ll take those feelings with me, and other times they just feel like they’re literally slipping away. :eh: