Emotions you felt in a dream that you never felt IRL

This is kind of a crazy topic. It is so incredibly impossible to explain emotions that don’t really exist in words. I remember two accounts of extremely strong emotions that I didn’t know existed, and may not even exist in the waking world.

The first emotion was a combination of taste and smell, and of course, the feeling of it. The emotion was such a sick emotion, it was like… … …see how hard it is to explain emotions that don’t exist? ARGH! It was sick as in it was like negative energy… but AAHHGGH I CAN’T EXPLAIN IT!!! Just know that the emotion was so strong that it took 7 DAYS for me to recover… as in I felt it for a week before I stopped feeling it. The feeling gradually went away. To this day, I wish I could feel this emotion again, even though it was sooo sick feeling. I just want to experience it for some reason, I dunno.

The second emotion was an emotion similar to love, but it was different than love. I also cannot explain this AT ALL! It was an emotion I felt in a dream where I could communicate with animals mentally, it was like a happy feeling… I’ve felt this only once. This emotion stuck with me for 2 days.

Edit: Oh yeah, Please share your experiences!

I get my emotions confused enough in real life as it is, without taking dreams into consideration! I’m sure all the emotions I’ve felt do exist in real life, though, somewhere. I know what you mean by not being able to put words to them, but I have that problem even with ordinary emotions like fear and joy! I mean, I can really only explain emotions at any time by relating them to the specific context where they applied. So far, my dream emotions have been the same.

Dream Love. It sucks waking up after such a dream and realizing that it wasn’t real.

And the fear that a gigantic excavator is going to kill me. I’m pretty sure I never felt that one in real life. :colgate:

I’m not sure if this is what we are discussing. It sounds like you are referring to common emotions that are just hightened in your dream. What I am trying to discuss are emotions that you just flat out never knew existed, emotions that you couldn’t even have imaged. Emotions that are completely alien, emotions that aren’t in the english dictionary!.. ok enough with that. You get it. :wink:

I think I know what you’re talking about Agrigoth.

Just a few nights ago I had a dream related to Christianity and God. (I haven’t posted it yet) In that dream I had this feeling of complete and utter love, trust, harmony, peace and contentment.

They were emotions that I experience irl but never to the level that I experienced that night.

Okay, I now have to amend my earlier post. It seems that every time I post something in the Stuff of Dreams forum saying that I’ve never done something, it happens to me a few days later, urgh.

Anyway, this emotion was sort of like a romantic bond that manifested itself in close physical proximity. As I put it in my dream journal, the closest thing I can liken it to is of someone hitting a (small) gong in the room. Concise, but powerful. This emotional side was only one part of a larger phenomenon called “shuga” in my dream, however.

Well, theres one i felt in an ND that i had never felt before… it was like joy, but better, almost like ecstacy, but much happier… happier that any happiness you ever felt… that was when i had the FRPG dream and became a hollow person…

Well one time I had a dream that I had a child. I felt so much love towards this child, the kind of love that a father would love their newborn son.

I have never felt that before IRL.

I can relate to that, although in my case, the situation was slightly different.

IRL I’m not a very emotional person. Perhaps because of societies pressure on men not to show emotions…but when I dream alot of times I feel emotions x 10. Sometimes this is how i realize I’m dreaming and can go into a LD upon this realization.

I dreamed of a emotion that don’t exist in real life.
It was the complete nirvana.

I kissed a girl I love and suddenly I was feelling a big emotion of joy mixed with infinite pleasure and at the same time I seen in my dream a big white flash.

In this one lucid dream, I had a feeling that was so ominous, surreal, misplaced, and in perfect harmony at the same time. It was all really comforting though. I haven’t felt that way any more than once though.

I gasped in sadness when something cruel had been done to our pets. I’ve never gasped IRL and to my knowledge it is the only time I’ve breathed in a dream. :eh:

I felt very angry in a dream of mine. I never felt that angry before, and I woke up still a bit pissed.

hmm, I feel like resurrecting this post by saying:

everyone feels anger, it’s an emotion you’ve felt before. I’m not talking about levels of an emotion, im talking about emotions that you not only have never felt before, but there’s not even a word in existance that describes the feeling. Emotions that no one has ever felt… emotions where you can be sure you’re the only one in the world who has felt it. but this thread becomes pointless since it’s impossible to describe feelings that no one has ever felt.

I had a dream as a child and I myself can’t explain it!!! It wasn’t an emotion as such, I say this because I have felt emotions for 42 year and have never felt anything like it since. I was about 8 or 9 years old when this dream occurred. It was more of a feeling because it felt physical, as if I could feel it through touch or more like all my senses but in the same sense it did feel emotional also. (SO FREAKING HARD TO EXPLAIN) I have never ever felt or experienced anything like it since. I can totally relate to the fact that there are no words on earth to describe this dream, maybe a mix between feelings and emotions but I do know I can’t explain it and have never ever come across anything close to it in my waking lifetime. I’m sure it had something to do with a doughnut shaped object that was quite big, not quite as big as a house but bigger that a really big car!!! It was a light brown and it was furry like a teddy bear. But when I touched it I had this feeling or these sensations running all over me or just everything all at once, feelings, sensations and emotions. It wasn’t nice at all and I would say it was a mix between a dream and a nightmare because it wasn’t nice but not enough to wake me straight away because I remember the dream continuing a bit longer. I have never ever had a dream like it since or felt or experienced anything like it in real life and I still remember this dream because it has always stuck in my head waiting for it or the feeling and experience of it to happen again at some point in my life. Proper mental………


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