Empowering yourself in the LD

In order to use this method you must already know how to create things in the LD by self-suggest in-directly or just make it happen directly.

Well, first of all just create a power symbol. It can be anything you want a trinket, an amulet , an orb , your wife/husband etc…

Observe that power symbol.

Imagine that this power symbol upholds a strange power inside of it and whoever touches it can use that power simply with his thought.

Now, touch that power, imagine and feel the power flowing through you and tingling your body ready to explode out in your command.

Tunnel the power to your hands and to the tip of your fingers and now aim the power to it’s destination, your destination “Gain more control / Lucidity”.

You can use power words such as yelling at the power symbol “give me power/control” or such.

I actually prefer aiming the power straight to where I need it (for ex. if I want to create something, I aim it to the location and concentrate the power that creates what I want).


This method to increase lucidity I actually found out by accident. I was lucid dreaming inside LineAge2 (A created world from a game) and I tried to do some “magic fireballs” in the LD against another mage. I created a power sphere that I held in my right hand and I concentrated on the “energy” that came from it and created the fireballs from that energy. Then I realized that I was creating the fireball from scratch and it was not in-direct. I stopped the firing for one moment and the other mage disappeared or gone in other words. I then tried to fly in the matrix method with the help of the power sphere and I succeed. That was one of the most powerfull things I ever reached - Simply fly with no strings attached!

That actually felt great. I woke-up and wrote a nice 3 pages lucid dream that I had and after that I wrote some more about that technique I just sporadicaly used in that LD. It was a nice night scribing.

But why? how? Well, it is all in your mind. If you think “I can’t do it, its too much for me” then you won’t be able to do it. Most of the time in the lucid dream we are concentrated on other things rather than our own will so its easier to believe in an “outer” object (your power symbol) and to create that energy from that object. In this way you are actualy not the source of the power so you can’t say “I can’t do it” because you think you are not doing anything or that there is something that helping you out.

Thirsty for some more techniques or you got yours, share.

its a good way to tamper with ur abilities