Empty Lucid Dreams

There are no DC 's in my Lucid dreams. :eh:

I mean, their aren’t random ones, only if i’m about to walk around a corner and i wan’t them to be their. But other than that, no.

Where do are you normally lucid?
Is it in a secluded place, or is an abnormal absence of presence?

hmm thats interesting.

Same thing for me :wink: Well, I can have DC’s in my dreams, but only if they actually have a purpose. I never have like DC crowds walking around minding their own business - It’s always just me and some DC’s to play a certain part in my dream.

And I only find DC’s if I expect them to be somewhere (as said). Like I’d go to my school if I’d want to meet a teacher DC.

i have heard of this before, and unfortunately i don’t have a good answer on why it happens or how to prevent it because it has never happened to me. I’m curious though if perhaps your just saying this because you’ve only recently been using dream recall? maybe its just that the dreams you’ve had so far haven’t had many characters in them, and later you may end up having a dream with lots. But i’m just guessing here. The only thing i can suggest is to make them appear by intending and expecting them to be there.

I have DCs mostly. Are you with people a lot IRL? What Eonnn said to just think of DCs while u go to sleep.

Hi Sevenfold,

Some people say the same. Now I think the question Bones asks is very interesting, so I’ll ask it again: where are you in your LD’s? In your home or in your bedroom? Outdoor? In unknown places?

And I’ll add some more questions: is it day or night in your LD’s? Have you some special beliefs about LD’ing? For instance, do you believe in astral and do you think you are in real places?

I’m in normal places , you know, in my home town walking around. no one.
only when i conjure them up will they (one person mostly) come because im only focusing on one.

EDIT: and as for your questions Basilus, Day and Night, are basically 50 - 50.

is this in all dreams? or just LD’s?

Hmmm… that’s weird
in most of my dreams, lucid or not, it usually takes place in a bustling city or place, such as one of my school’s courtyards.

Perhaps try expecting it to be busy, and not just a single person?

I had that same problem in my first LDs. I had DILDs where the ND part was full of DCs but when I got lucid they disappeared. I don´t know why. I understand your problem because the LDs, I wouldn´t say they get boring, but sometimes you want to talk to your DCs.
And I don´t know how I get rid of the problem, they just were there after some time.Sorry…

Maybe your mind has to get used to LDing and then it will fill your dreams with DCs?

Thanks for your answer Sevenfold (though it didn’t give me any more clue :neutral: ). As for me, I’ve heard this a lot of times. I think it may be related to an hypothesis that has been described by Alan Cheyne: there are “two fundamental domains of conscious experience: the experience of an agent-inhabited world and that of a spatial-kinetic bodily self.” Each domain corresponds to a mode of functionning of the brain (and also corresponds to some brain areas). In LD’s, it’s possible that those two modes are not always functionning together.

I’ve to add that my first LD’s were quite empty too, and that this “problem” disappeared with time.

Thanks for the answers. And very nice Basilus! :happy:

I don’t usually have empty LDs, and if I do, it makes sense. I used to have many LDs of my home at night, and I didn’t get very far away before waking up. But a few don’t make sense. It’s deserted and eerie where there are supposed to be people. Meybe it’s a sort of reaction to the thought that, “I have a whole world to myself”. Or perhaps a reaction to the thought, “there aren’t really any other people in dreams”.

maybe you just need to get out more… lol

You know, I never noticed it before, but I don’t remember any non speaking roles in my dreams. I’ll have to look more carefully next time. hmm

Maybe it matters how the LD was induced. When I have a WILD, there are usually no DC’s. When I have a DILD there are.
The difference would of course be that when I am having a normal dream there usually allready are DC’s. If I then become lucid during this dream, well then the DC’s are incorporated in the LD.
But when I’m falling asleep lucid (WILD) I have to ‘build up’ a LD from scratch and there usually are no DC’s, only some landscape or my bedroom.

I wish I had no DC’s in my LD’s. I’m scared of them.

yeah now that you mention it, i recently had some DC 's in my LD that were like mindless drones. so I quickly sleighed them , it was nice. they are pretty freaky though. hehe

To think that they are all in your head, or maybe not…

For me, I’ve suddenly managed to sorta WILD, but anyway, if I do venture to a shopping centre, or near several stores like convienient stores, my mind would auto make a small crowd, and usually there will be quite a few people around. It’s the normal number I’d expect if I was there for real.

Maybe the next time you LD, try walking into a store. At least you should see the casher… :tongue: if not, somethings wrong… uh oh! :eh:
Nah just kidding, maybe you don’t really like crowds?