En Español

hola todos , si hay alguien que hable en español, por favor respondame

no piense así pues, pero conseguimos el árbol que habla noruego

la recepción a mi español del ld4ll ccsszz. está una poco oxidada. Cuánto tiempo téngale que sueña consciente. Cómo usted sueña a menudo consciente

holy crap. That did not come out in spanish like I thought it was. ccsszz will be so confused at what I said to him.

lets hope he understand english. I only used a translator so I have no idea if its correct written or anything. I dont know a word in spanish

No hable Español :smile:

¡viven de largo los españoles!

¿Cómo ese sonido? Estoy utilizando un traductor así que me estoy preguntando cómo es sonidos

wow, those ¿? where funny. upsidedown qustionmark, didn’t know they where using that, doesn’t even know where to find it at the keyboard. I have to learn some new languages soon, only know Swedish, danish, norwegian (bokmål/nynorsk) and english.

yeah. I just went to google.com. I checked what you said DJem. I translated it to english, and it was crazy. didn’t make any sense

yeh, I know. hope he doesn’t know a word of english, that would be fun…

Bet no one knows how many lanugages I speak?!

Clue :- I’m English :confused:

I can read any text and I can understand it perfectly, but I can’t write anything (in fact, I hope you will understand this), so please if you don’t speak spanish, don’t reply in this topic!!! thanks

…and one more thing HOWEVER, I understood you kaoisa!!! :grin:

Is it less than one?