Encounter with a Chinese dragon

Not long ago I had an interesting dream in which I encountered a Chinese dragon, what really puzzled me was that this dragon seemed to be a separate entity and seemed to had its own intelligence.

Skip to the third paragraph for the encounter,
Here is an extract from the dream:

[spoiler]Me and my sisters were sitting outside in front of my house. Bored, I started looking at the sky, it was very cloudy and dark, though strangely here at the ground it was sunny. Soon I noticed a figure emerge from the dark clouds. Long and graceful it was a black dragon diving in and out of the sea of clouds. Soon after there were more dragons, each having a unique set of colours.

Soon after looking away, I noticed one dragon started a spiralling descent at an alarming speed. Within a second it landed on the ground behind me. Luckily it was facing away so I had time to dodge for cover and hide.while doing so I had a quick glance at the dragon, it had beautiful dark blue scales which seemed to shimmer in the sunlight. The dragon then moved to where I was standing before, almost as if it was searching for me. I ducked further in to hide and he soon flew away.

There was then a time skip, either that or I have forgotten a section of the dream. It seemed to be the next day. I was outside again, just having a slow stroll. I then noticed a long shape drop down behind me. It was a long snake like figure, but when I looked at it’s head, it was the head of a Chinese dragon. Somehow I knew he was the one from before.

I came closer to it and asked. “Are you a a chinese dragon?

He replied, “Yes.

At this point it was as if my whole attention was at the dragon, I suddenly looked up and looked at everybody else, who seemed to be oblivious of us.

I asked him, “Why can’t they hear us?

Because I am talking through your Sub-Conscious.

I was surprised by his statement. Unfortunately I forgot the rest of the dream but I remember that i continued to talk with it and I had some sort of interesting journey.

Was there a meaning with our encounter? Who could he have been?
The dream seemed to have happened out of nowhere. I had no prior thoughts about dragons or anything else nor have I dreamt of dragons before.
So it would be nice if I had some insights on this :happy:

That sounds like a really cool encounter. I often hear stories of DC that share wisdoms and feel as if they are a separate entity. I bet that it would have a meaning. Everything in dreams have a meaning of some kind.

Well I sadly don’t think any of us can really give you a definitive answer because it’s really hard to say what DC’s or entities like this could be. I personally still believe that they are generated by the SC and DC’s can have the appearance of being separate without actually being seperate, but who knows? It could have been an SD, it could have been a spirit guide… I certainly can’t say for sure :razz: