End of the world Dream?

Has anyone had these? It was weird but I layed there after the dream and could recall it like i was really there. What do you all think?

Ill cut and paste my story cause I typed it on my journal.

In the dream My parent’s are getting ready to go out of town. We are all outside and its a warm sunny day with just a few clouds in the sky. Im going inside for something and on the way my mom stops me to basically give me instructions on what to do while they are gone. Now its my mom her friend and my dad. My dad was a little further away from where we were standing. My mom contnues to talk to me about sprinkling some flower seeds around the trees by our place cause Im guessing she wanted some pretty flowers around em? I dont know. While she is explaining to me I see in the sky a cloud that is gradually falling to the earth. This struck me as odd. Im thinking maybe this is a meteor. I continue to listen to here and whatch this cloud come closer to the horizon. Before I knew it The cloud reached the horizon. I was waiting for a boom. As I was wating for the boom I felt the ground shake below me. My moms voice over powers the sound of the boom if there is one I dont remember. All of a sudden I see the sky clear from where this object hit. It cleared and formed what seemed to be a column of light that came to a point at the uppermost part of the sky. As soon As this column of light appeared with its own flashes of light contained within it I knew this was the end. I humbly said oh my god this is it. I huged my mom tight and looked over my shoulder. The fallout came from the distance as it got closer I felt the hair burn off my body and everything went black. I assumed if this was it I would see a white light. As soon as I thought that I woke up from this dream. All I could see when I woke up was my friends Theater screen. Completely WHITE but kinda dull. I then knew everything was just a dream and I was at peace with it. I wasn’t scared at all.

:wave: hello Ozweego412, welcome to LD4all.

I’ve only had one in summer 2003 …

It was a type of “end of the world” scenario. I had to get into a vehicle to travel to my destination. The vehicle was very compact inside like a formula 1 racing car. When the transparent lid shut I felt very claustrophobic and felt like I could hardly breathe. It was a horrible feeling. When I got to the destination there were a lot of people about. I saw my dad(who is dead in RL) and realised that I was dreaming. I immediately started to spin in an attempt to keep the LD and at the same time I tried to levitate. I got off the ground just a little a few times. But I could feel my fingertips knocking something solid and then had a FA where I was telling everyone about my dream.

it was a kind of evacuation but we seemed to know that we wouldn’t get away. the feeling in the vehicle was awful.

It wasn’t a LD. I just got into the whole LDing. I have yet to have one but I haven’t put a lot of effort into it yet. I remember when i was younger I could fly in a few of my dreams. I want to explore this and learn more about myself while having fun in my dreams. I think its amazing what can be done in dreams. I can’t wait for my 1st LD. Im gunna do a lot more research into it.

I have had a couple. One involved being in some sort of research lab, My family and I (strangley I think all these dreams have something to do with family, of the ones I remember I AM always with family) walk outside just into to see a nuke hit and we all died.
I once had a dream where I died and was engulfed in a pure white light which then turned into the playboy mansion, guess some would consider that heaven. Just thought Id share that.

I once had one sort of like an end of world dream. I dreamed of the start of an apocalypse - only a handful of people knew about it to begin with and gave me a warning, but I ignored it. Shortly after, however, huge black cracks began to open up in the ground, lava was spewing up from the plumbing and most of the city buildings were in ruins with fire still consuming the rubble. I spent a lot of time dodging falling debris and jumping over small chasms. There was also a bit of a plague, but it affected people’s minds, not their bodies. This was all at night, of course.

But it wasn’t really the end of the world - after the initial shocks and effects, everything sort of died down again. I dreamed my mother discovered a cure for the plague, and things slowly started to go back to normal again. But, for a little while, it did seem like the end of the world was coming. :razz:

long time no post from me…

heh, I had one of these a while ago - It was a pretty long dream, but basically at the end I was outside a shopping center, it was nighttime and in a big city, reminded me of New York or maybe Sydney - there was a big river or patch of water and it was all lit up…
Anyway, I’d just won some tickets to a theme park, when suddenly a giant pink jellyfish shaped object rose up in the sky (it looked pretty impressive actually refelcted in the water n’ all), and started sucking space in. Although the main thing I was worried about was that I wasn’t going to get to redeem my theme park tickets. Well I ended up lucid for about 5 seconds after that, then woke up.

Wasn’t particularly scary, though.

I used to have recurring nightmare of being trapped in a phonebooth and seeing a big ball of fire hurdling towards earth.

Only once (that I can remember). Kindda ironic really - I thought the world was going to end (so did everyone else)… but it didn’t (which was actually quite relieving).

Kindda like real like, I guess :wink:.

I had an end of the world dream once. A meteor was going to hit the earth, but I saved the planet :content:
I blew up the meteor with one of those toy rockets you get from those hobby stores :smile:

a friend of mine has an end of the world dream every night. i’m pretty sure it happens differently every night, too. kind of strange.

I saw the end of the world by an alien attack.
I was doing common things when I saw them in the city, then I looked for shelter. I entered a place in a corner of the block where there was lie 6 to 10 people with old clothes, there were a couple of them hugging, they were hidding from the aliens. At a minute of beeing there 2 or 3 aliens broke in and started firing upon us, I ran and escaped.
Then I went to a hospital, but it was controled by the aliens, who now looked like humans, the hospital was converted in some sort of torture building. I ran from it and finded what I though was a human couple kissing, but then the man inserted his tongue inside the woman’s ear and I knew she was converted to an alien.

The dream felt very realistic, it was like a movie, when I awakened my heart was jumping very fast, I got scared as hell.

I used to have a recurring dream, if you can call it that, It was the same outcome but different in a way.

It was always some sort of meteor crashing to the earth. I once was out in space when I watched how it looped and hit the earth, not completely destroying it but causing incredible devasting damage.

I always wished i could become lucid and change it though.

Yeah, I’ve had one of those EOTW ™ dreams. Mine too was with a huge fiery meteor slowly coming down in the atmosphere. The TV was on, and the news reported of panic in each and every city on earth. And as i watch the meteor fly , it changes its path right towards our neighborhood. It hits, and a wave of flames engulf me and my family. The End…of the world.

Lately I had one EOTW ™ dream in which I saw a civilization obliterated because of huge streams of lava that flooded their city. Only a few survived who were on a trade mission, and one of them was telling me the story in the dream (although I also saw it happening at the same time)… weird stuff :razz:

I have to say that the majority of posts in this thread are very similar as to how the world ends.

heh, since I last posted in this thread, I’ve had another.
This was in a classroom, sort of like a school classroom, except it had people I know from university there…
There was a big hall that I could see out the window where they were having some kind of noisy party, then I heard another noise (very loud), and someone I was with was looking out the window in a somewhat worried manner.
At that point I turned round to see (you guessed it) a meteor headed for us.
Then I went and hid under the table (lol), and told myself it had to be a dream. Sure enoughafter about 10 seconds I realised it actually was a dream, then I basically woke up (at the time I wanted to, then I realised it was stupid).

However, instead of fully waking up, I seemed to get some HI, there was a lot of pressure on my ears which got a tad painful, and a loud voice saying “are we nearly asleep yet” over and over.

I think later on after I woke up I could hear drilling, so it seems pretty likely this is what all these loud voices actually were.

One time I was remembering a dream I had that same night, lying in bed, and suddenly I thought this could be a dream, so I looked at my hands, I dont really know if I were sleeping, I think I saw all the fingers fusioned in one, but maybe I saw that becouse of the dark. Anyway, at the same time I looked my hands, I heared a loud drilling noise going in my exposed ear (I was sleeping on my right), I was very frightened, luckly it lasted 2 or 3 seconds only. Maybe it’s the same thing that you got, ZoGgeR.
I got the same thing a couple days after that, but it was shortly after seeing my firsts HI (since I was trying to pay attention to them)
If anyone knows what this was please post the answer.

I had this a long time ago. It didn’t last too long, but what do you expect of an ‘End of the World’ dream? :grin:

It’s the End of the World!

[ND]I appeared much older in this dream, even older than I am now. I was out in a green field, surrounded by a few trees. A wall of white light moved closer and closer to me as I tried to run. It was too fast though, and I felt it pulling me. In the last moments of my existence I yelled at the top of my lungs,

“Forgive me God!!!”[/ND]