Energy for lucidity

Taika-Kim send a post that say if you strongly want to change
the dream vision in to your desire this can really prevent you
from more LDs and more.( )

this reminds me the same thing but with the diffrece :
any time that i have a very long vivid LD i know that my next ld will
not coming soon , depends on how much that was long.
i feel that i dont have enough energy for lucid dream and i used most
of my energy.

wat do u think about this? do u ever read somethig about this ? and
how we can overcome on this lack of energy if there is?


I think its only in your mind. This “I can’t have an LD at the next night becasue I had this night” prevents you from seeing them, because you believe you can’t see them, so you don’t. It’s only a block in your mind. I’ve had 3 vivid LDs at 3 nights in a row and I dont believe in that kinda thing.

It 's has been about weeks since I’ve been lucid I guess. Some weeks ago I had 3 LDs in 5 days, and the sixt day 3 LDs in one night.
As I said, it has been a while now, but definately not because I thought “It will be over now”, on the contrary, I thought I was becoming a dreamguru and I would be able to LD like every 3 days or something like that.
I don’t know what is preventing me from LD’ing. but I’m sure it won’t be long until I’ve got my next one :smile:

let me ask this:

reminds your lds(or check your dream journal if u have)and tell me
is your non lucid dreams increase after a very good ld(in clearity
and time)?
maybe your routin is 3 lds in 5 days and then a 3 week gap between them,
my question is someting else.

for example you have lucid dreams almost 1 in each 3 weeks (more or less)
and u have a good ld(in clearity and time :cool: ) i want to know is your lding
routin change?

I doubt in theory of dream fuel but i noticed one thing:on the beginning my lds used to happen about 1 time a week.They were quite short.Than they became longer but the frequency dropped.Now i had last 30 mins ld 2 mnths ago:(.
So ,just a note on the side…dunno if revealant:)

I can relate to Jack’s ‘progress’ with my short LD-experience. I haven’t had one for a long time now so according to the dream fuel theory, I will have one long LD anytime now :confused:

That dream fuel is in fact sleep peptides, neurotransmitters and hormone’s
thats all…


i’ve had most of my [few] LDs on friday night, guess cuz im sleep deprived…

"Within the human brain there is a neurotransmitter called Serotonin.
Serotonin is naturally replenished by dreamless sleep: however,REM-sleep
(Rapid Eye Movement sleep - the kind in which dreams with strong visual
imagery occur) depletes it. " LUCID DREAMING-By VH Frater Justificatus

i just read the above text and i dont know how much that is true.

but i think thats wat jeff wants to say . ok if that thing prevent us from
ld ,how can we overcome on it?
something like inject some Serotonin! how we can do something that make more serotonin.(if that is the key…)

something else , here we got many people that dont ld for a long time and
that happen for me 2 is this the cause of that neuto…?

I’m starting to think the following…
I have a not soo good dreamrecall lately, I do remember 4 dreams but only vage. No signs of lucidity…

I’m someone who doesn’t need alot of sleep. however when I wake up I go to sleep again trying to LD. I end up sleeping 9 or 10 hours. I’m thinking having too much sleep makes me having less REM sleep, cause I’m not tired enough. Someone who has insomnia finally getting to sleep goes into rem almost immidiately. No I’m not suggesting to anyone too sleep much too less, this can be in fact dangerous, you can exhaust your body too much, having a lower resistance getting sick all the time.

Anyway, I’m going to try not to sleep to much from now on, 7 hours a night should do.

In rem sleep a enzyme becomes active called mao that breaks down serotonin and someother neurotransmitters…And acetylcholine the main substance for out memory becomes…100 times more active suddenly!
!00 times!..they have experimented with it in dreamlabs…and this seems to be our dreamfuel…if u want to sleep longer u should block the enzyme that breaks this down…or u should bring new acetylcholine in the brain because this is whats being used as dream fuel by the brain in rem sleep…ok over and out… :smile:


I have experimented with acetylcarnitine a substance that stimulates the brain to easy built up acetylcholine and indeed i had much longer rem sleep…longer dreams…


i dont think altering ur dream pater would be to smart unless u r in a sleep lab.just seems unsafe. and as for dream fuel if any thin i feel alot better after a ld than not.

as for my recall i got good recall if i think bout it but most of the time i am lazy lol


but i dont get something , it seems that if you sleep more u have more
REM periods but accourding to use of that neurotransmitters we must
fall into non REM sleelp after a while.

and could you jeff tell us that how much time it takes that we fill
our brain tank :smile: ! with this neurotransmitters to have good REM periods?

More sleep more REM.No need to inject anything here:)

Yes Mazdak…and we do…u never can stay into rem forever your sleep cycle goes on or u wake up…
Science has tested ppl with carbachol a chemical thats a like acetylcholine…and indeed long rem periods then were there were they should not be at the beginning at sleep and also much longer…so acetylcholine is our rem fuel…but u cant do much about it or in real life u should take dangerous and also forbidden drugs to develop such levels of acetylcholine…what i used is only a bit working not like carbachol…and carbachol needs to get into the bloodstream by needle…not by pills or so…and u cant buy it…
So just get enough sleep en a good wake sleep rhythm… :smile:

Oh mm well after u wake up…your brasin changes to a waking cyclus and your brain gets the time to restore for the next cyclus…so cyclus are also there so that the opposite part of the cyclus can restore its self! so at day time our fuel tank restores for this…thats why u eat also at day time lol!
And are then not in rem…when one part of cyclus is active the other part is restoring…

hmmm :smile: u sex god you…rofl :happy: :smile: :happy: :smile: :happy: :smile: :happy: :smile:

thankx jeff

i try to see what i have now ! i said that i think that there is
something ,some feeling , like having energy for become lucid and
i feel that when u use this energy in very realistic lucid dream
it looks like that u lose your energy and your next LD will happen
later than usuall.

as we talk , jeff corect us that there is some neotransmitters that
cuase this feeling, and he said that these will restore soon.

Well maybe Mazdak u are talking about something totally different…your subconsciousness :smile:

Maybe u focus on getting lucid dreams, and that takes energy from your consciousness…
Then u cant explain much with neurotransmitters :happy:


I think it’s indeed very important to have a good wake-sleep rythm as Jeff said.

I sugested it myself 2 days ago (thuersday), Instead of sleeping 10 hours a day, trying to LD, I went to bed at 2 o’clock and I had set my clock at 9 o’clock (7 hours of sleep, that’s my rythm of the past months).
And this night allready, only one night later, was just great! Yes, sure I admit, it might be a big coincidence.
I wasn’t lucid but I practiced all the night lucid dreamstuff (penetrating walls, telekinetics on a table, fancy jumping …) These in fact are the dreams I like the most! The ones that appear to be lucid but aren’t :smile: It ended when I woke myself up, cause I really disliked the last part of my dream. It doesn’t matter why I woke myself up, but if you wanna know: … highlight=