Can someone clarify for me the details of moving energy, etc etc.
How to do it, what it’s for, if it exists, etc.

Just wondering.

one of the first things I started out with, which to my knowledge so far seems quite accurate.
also a good practice exercise to see for yourself

if you liked that above link, may i also suggest a book called Taoist Yoga and Sexual Energy by eric steven yudelove, it’s based on the same principles as the information pilot posted

umm… thanks guys, but can someone explain it without links?
Thanks many though.

Hey, thanks pilot. I am usually reluctant to click links, but I looked at this one, and it is quite interesting. ^,^ Thanks many.

I go by the Castaneda/Cleargreen modle. It basicly gose like this: We are all luminos being that are shaped like spheres. In these sphers are located all of our energy. We start with it all close to us but we push it away during the corse of our daily lives. One way to redeploy that energy so that we can use it is through the practice of Magical Passes.

The other part is the asembaleg-point. This is the point located about an arms langth behind the right sholder blade the size of a tenis ball on the serfice of the lumunis sphere. This is the spot where all perseption is assembled. What we praceve is determanded by the location of the assebalge point. When we sleep, the assebleg point is natraly displaced wich casses dreams. In order to gain controle of this movment, we need to join with it “intent” wich basicaly means that instead of just leting the assebalge point move on its own that you gide it with the force of intent. There are several taskes that have been developed for this perpose. They can be found by clicking on my signicher and going to the faq and reading about the gates of dreaming.

Hope that helps. Sorrey about the spelling :content: .

I can see and munipulate energy o_O

Believe it or not…


neat! ^,^

i think i opened my throat chakra last night

i was worried i was getting tonselitis (and still am worried) and so i manipulated a great deal of energy through it, it started feeling really weird… so anyway…

you get this “pop” and it happens a few time, you usually have to force it, like how bruce says of snapping like a stick in that region, sort of envisioning that, but I usually have to “twinge” myself and send a sort of surge of adrenaline, it has to be a violent motion with all my being… after a few pops they feel kind of “open” but there still isn’t a whole lot of vibration going on in them, per se…

I don’t know… I’m probably real underdeveloped if any of this stuff is real… my base chakra is really confusing though… it feels open, yet it doesn’t… I don’t know… then I’m not quite sure where it is either… I can stimulate chakra feelings in most parts of my body, not all of them… though…

I haven’t found any practical use for energy work at all other than stimulating vibrations while in paralysis… well, and for making psi balls inside dreams… and… well

I’m not sure what to make of it… it feels real enough, too real to be placebo really, but who knows… I can’t see it, and it hasn’t seemed to benefit me at all for doing it (though i’m lazy about it)