Entering HI isn't possible indeed... ;)

Hi everybody,

so, I did WBTB last night and started to WILD… For the first time in my quest for lucidity, a scene appeared before my eyes. It was a large room.

Although I exactly knew you’re not supposed to do this, I just couldn’t resist and tried to enter the scene, which caused it to instantly disappear. Seconds later, I fell asleep.

Damn, that was close!!!

The quest goes on!


Good try. Just keep at it and the next time you see it just don’t go for it. At that time just observe it and see if anything changes.

Don’t try to enter the scene as such. But gradually participate more and more. Don’t rush it, you’ll soon be in the dream. Then you can play around as much as you want.

let, thy dream draw you in, like two magnets