Erasing Unnecessary Memories

I would like to know if anyone on this forum is absolutely sure that it is possible to erase/add memories to one’s subconscious at will. If you happen to have a certain technique in achieving this, I would be very thankful if you would spell it out for me.

1 week till I HACK MY BRAIN.

To summarise, he created false memories (although he admitted he couldn’t prove it to me :content:) but not much else.

Did Pedro say how he edited false memories ? I read the post and didn’t find anything about the method :sad:

Where is Pedro anyway? Has he assended to some super being yet? :tongue:

before you attempt to do this you should go see eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

Man, I just rented that out last night. I thought it was a really good film!

It is possible and it is not dangerous because… I find this hard to explain. The brain allows new or edited memories in quite easily and you have full conviction to them… but it is SO easy for the brain to counter them when it gets proof… Very strange. The new memories are in such a balance that I don’t believe they themselves can be dangerous or mess you up.

You could add a new memory that you were abducted by aliens and they did experiments on you and turned you into a half human half alien thing with magcial powers.

I think that’d mess you up… :razz:

You ought to have enough space in your head already, anyway. :tongue:

Yay ! Pedro ! :cool_laugh: As you’re back, could you explain how you can edit memories ?

I read the Hack your Brain thread just before NYE. Over the break I had an idea about testing your false memories… in a way.

Of course this will require a few people, but what if you created a false memory and then you were tested with a polygraph machine (lie detector) to see how you physiologically respond? If you created a false memory and although you were lying (for arguments sake: cause the event never took place)you should physically respond as if you believe it really happened.

Yes I do believe that is possible. I know there have been cases where therapists induced false memories of abuse in and their patients honestly believed that these things happened ,even though they did not. In such a case then, yes I do believe that people would easily pass a lie detector test.

Anyway, if you could plant a false memory with simple suggestion and therapeutic mind games then, I would think the reverse is also true. Using hypnosis or, perhaps even lucid dreaming, you just might be able to remove a real memory as well.

How do you plant a false memory, or remove a true one ?

Are you asking psychologically or with lucid dreaming?

Psychologically - numerous techiniques are used to convince people that something did or didn’t happen (I guess thats what Bush must use??)

Lucid dreaming - I think Pedro wrote he was attempting it… I don’t know how… I just thought you could test this with a lie detector test.

if i remember correctly, LeBrarge says that you can improve certain skills in lucid dreams, like perhaps motor skills? i dont have the book with me here but i thought he said it was possible to improve athletic skills by practicing in lucid dreams. isn’t this basically generating false memories (muscle memory) in a way?

on another note, it seems that you can only produce these false memories in lucid dreams, which means you are conscious of what you’re doing. so how can you purposely construct false memories without remembering that you simply made them up? say in a ld, i decided to convince myself my name is Bill Clinton… when i wake up, i might believe (or strongly feel) that my name is bill clinton, but wouldnt i atleast remember trying to convince myself of this in my dream?

you could alwys generate a tool, such as a computer to do it?

You could try giving yourself the suggestion that you will forget this ever happened?? (Isn’t that what they do on TV?? :tongue: )

If you were to create a false memory in a LD, it would probably be best done over time very subtly. And it would depend on the type of memory you were trying to edit. I think memories of an event (episodic memories) would be easier to manipulate as opposed to declarative memories (such as your name and facts).

I too believe that it is possible to improve some motor skills in LD - but I also believe that it is not exclusive to LDing… the same can be said for visualisation - that’s what a lot of professional athletes use - it would be really interesting to compare the effects of LD versus visualisation on learning/improving motor skills.

Does anybody know of any tests done on this?