Well, I told you earlier on msn that you could ask me anything at any time if you needed. You still can. The first time I heard about lucid dreaming I practicly read all there is to read about the subject, so now I know practicly all there is to know.

I’ll add you.


If you need any additional help, I’m always happy to answer anything and everything. Mine is (original isn’t it). Perhaps we could get a 4-way chat going on here :razz: .


Added :smile:

I think you should post here and the personal trainer too, that way all of us could benefit from your knowledge and experiences.

Not that i can couch you or anything, but i can help anyone with tips/advice.

(even more original that bendrumming)

Any of you want to add me, you can. I’m not very experienced with LD’s, only had 4 very short ones via DILD, but I love dreams and am willing to give suggestions.

Yet another “Original” address