Eschscholtzia californica

I just got a pack of this stuff coincidentally. I looked it up in the internet, and it says that it is lightly psychoactiv.
It is supposed to make you sleepy and it can make you have vivid dreams

I´ll try, I will post the results later


I didnt know what it is and so I checked erowid:

CALIFORNIA POPPY – Eschscholtzia californica. Family Papaveraceae
(Poppy family).
Material: Leaves, flowers, and capsules of common wildflower.
Usage: Materials are dried and smoked.
Active Constituents: Opium-related alkaloids: protopine,
chelerythrine, sanguinarine, alpha- and beta-homochelidonine, and
several glucosides.
Effects: Very mild marijuana-like euphoria from smoking last 20-
30 minutes. Concentrated extract of plant may be more potent when
ingested or smoked.
Contraindications: No apparent side effects. Not habit-forming.
Appears to be ineffective when used again within 24 hours.
Supplier: Grows wild (protected by California law; misdemeanor,
fine for plucking). Seeds, B, FM, G, NK, RCS.

I am very interested in hearing what effects it has then.

I made a tea of perhaps 0.5l water and about 4 teaspoons plantstuff.I didn´t have leafs, only sticks.The tea tasted surprisingly good, and after a short time I felt getting a little little bit high.
But it was so light that I couldn´t really decide wether it really had some effects or if I just think it has.
Anywawy, I tried to smoke a bit additionally, but I don´t recommend this, it tastes nasty.
It took me long to go to sleep, but I feel that this wasn´t connected to the tea.I had to get up early next morning, and so I was quite tired the next day.
Didn´t notice my dreams changed, but I will try with more tee the next time