Estimate: How many Lucid Dreamers are in the world?

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How many Lucid Dreamers are there in the world?
What about a city or a school?

are you referring to people who can LD naturally? people who work on LDing using techniques? people who will have an LD in their lifetime?

for all those questions, i really have no idea…but i figure clarifying might help people in their answers

People who are already lucid naturally.

My guess is less then 1% to 5% of the world population.

Even from the ancient societies to now.

I doubt there are many that KNOW that there’s a name to be lucid in a dream, but I’m sure there are quite a lot of people that may have experienced this.
But I’m not sure if they will tell you that they have LDs if you ask them; no one want’s to be called crazy :tongue: But who isn’t crazy nowadays? And don’t answer "I’m not crazy!’ (Becouse we all know everyone is crazy) :wink:

It’s hard to tell. There could be hundreds of thousands of practicing LDers, and millions who have LDed at some point.
And i’m not crazy… :tongue:
ok, yes, Im crazy.

Very hard to say, since many people got LD at least once in their lifetime :tongue:

My guess would be about 6-7% are active LD’ers and this number changes…

I knew it! Lol. :wink:

Im guessing…

But theres about 7 billion people in the world.

and I would say that 10 million of that 7 billion are natural LDers. and about 1-3 million people practises lucid dreaming.