Ever caught you in a dream?

We all have/had dreams in which some people/person/being chase us, maybe for no particular reason. Usually we manage to wake up before we get captured :cool:

But have you ever been actually caught? :tongue:

I always find a creative way out. :razz:

Yeah, I’ve been captured once… 'twas not nice… made me loose my lucidity as well >_> shakes fist Damn them to heck.

I may have been captured once or twice. I usually look for a creative way out, like jumping off of something, or what not. If that doesn’t work, or I can’t find anything to jump off of, like a cliff, I will try asking for help. That usually tends to offer up some interesting results.

The funny thing is that sometimes i knew that i was dreaming and i was trying to wake up, to prevent the capturing.

I recently had a dream where I was being chased, and when I realized I couldn’t escape, I turned around and stabbed the thing that was chasing me. It was very satisfying. And I wasn’t even lucid!

nah. if i’m ever being chased, i always wake up before they catch me. :peek:

Thankfully not. I don’t want to see what creative murder/torture my subconscious has in… mind for me :scared:
The second LD I had turned into a LD nightmare. A dog with red eyes chased me, and I just wanted to wake up so I did. I DIDN’T KNOW I COULD CHANGE IT! :grrr:
Or else I’d kicked some dogbutt

I only remember I got caught once (it was before I started with LD’s :wink: ), I was hunted by a T1000 and reached a dead end and the T1000 stabbed me :cry: I didnt die and didnt feel pain :puh: and came to the conclusion I was dreaming :lucid: Actually one of the first LD’s I remember :thumbs:

As of now, I can’t really think of any instance where I was actually caught.

If I can’t run away, I usually hide and wake myself up. :shy:

Usually if I get caught I’ll find a way to fight myself out of it. It’s often a case of Deus Ex Machina. I’ll discover a hidden power (like the ability to fly) all of a sudden and escape, or fight my way out. In some rare cases I just decide to wake up, realizing it’s a dream (but this is after the point of no return - I’ve never gotten lucid this way).

The closest i got to chasing was a white wolf attacking me (or better, my character) in a 2D platformer game: i fought it for a while, then i entered the world, became my character, understood the reasons of the wolf (hunger), dealt with this fear i had (all of this was a ND).

Another time i was hunted by a general of a suppression force, he managed to kill me with a crossbow and he chased me even after that, but i made it to the exit (ah, the light! :happy: )

I get caught a lot in the nightmares I have. I usually wake up about 5 seconds after they start hurting me. One time I got caught and killed before I woke up. The dream “screen” start turning red, and THEN I woke up. : p

I don’t think I’ve ever been caught in ND’s. Well, nightmares. They’ve come pretty close sometimes though.
In LD’s when I’m running away from someone, I either always escape or most of the time let them catch me. Battling or befriending your enemies is so much more fun than running away from them.