Ever dream that you are older?

I often dream that I am younger, some times much younger. And some of the DCs who appear frequently are younger than the real life person they are based on.

But I don’t remember any dreams where I am older than my current age.

How about you?

Well Raven, from That’s So Raven…It’s the future she can see, Is older, so yes, I have.

Yes I did sometimes before, but I can’t remember any further details =(

Me too. I only can recall to be like 30 years old.

I feel as old in my dreams as I feel in WL… at times I feel younger than I am, at times I feel older, depeding on the kind of situation I’m in. I believe in the saying that age is just a number (ehm, at least in most cases, there are of course some people who ALWAYS act the way they think they’re “supposed” to act at their age, no matter what)…

But in a literal sense, I think you’re right… it seems to me that it’s much more rare to dream of being older, than to dream of being younger, and I think that’s because you’ve actually already been younger, but you haven’t been older yet. :razz: So you have lots of experience and memories being younger, but none being older.

I sometime dream about when i was little

I often dream of being older. Usually 20ish. One time I dream I was an old man too. Maybe 50 or 60.

I have dreamed of being around 18 - 25 before. I was dating someone who I’ve never met before.

I have been older once :smile: In fact, it was a pretty odd dream, where my old self was way too angsty o_o

come to think of it…

hmm i don’t actually think i ever noticed being any older or younger

ah yes, i believe one time i was a character who was in his mid-20s.

And of course i was a late 20’s women once (doctor dream :wink: gotta love that one)

besides that, i don’t think i have ever noticed any difference in age.