Ever had a non-lucid dream-sharing experience?

Have you ever had a dream that other people have dreamed about too? I remember I had a dream that took place outside a big old house. Its driveway covered a vast amount of space so as to become independent from the rest of the houses in the street. At first I walked around the house, found a door on one of the walls, opened it, and went inside. I made my way through a couple of rooms, and then returned outside for another reason. The dream continued for a couple of minutes, and after that I woke up.

Now, this is where it gets interesting; days later I talked about this dream to some people from my family and friends, and two of them reported having a similar dream. Upon relaying to me the events of their dream, it appeared as if we each experienced the dream from varying points of view while in it. One of them, for example, remembered being outside at the back of the house, but never went inside it, whereas in my dream I was at the front end of the house, near the entrance, and I did entered it.

Still, we each saw the same house, and our description of the surrounding area was strikingly similar as well. For example, we all saw a set of benches situated alongside near the premises of the house, along with a small plaza adjacent to it as well. Likewise, we each felt a little drawn to this particular house, as if something about it had captured our attention.

What should I make out from this dream? How do I even classify such an experience? What I don’t know is if we all had the dream in the same night or if we dreamed of the same place but on different days. Is this some kind of dream sharing experience? Have you dreamers had a similar experience? How do these things even happen?

I haven’t had anything like this, but my History teacher from highschool relayed a similar experience to me. He had a dream where he met a friend, got in a car, and drove to various places. One day, he spoke with that friend (shortly after he had the dream) and began to tell her about it. She finished telling him the dream because she also had the dream.

Still… it’s hard to know for certain. There could be a lot of confirmation bias at play. We could never really know, but it’s interesting to think about what the consequences would be if it were true.

Did you know whether your history teacher and his friend had the same dream the very same night?

Yeah, I agree it’s a little complicated to explain these type of dreams. I mean, isn’t shared dreaming supposed to be a dream being shared by two or more people the very same night? It’s also hard to confirm whether these things actually happened or not. I trust the people who told me about their experience; the way they talked about their dream, it appeared to me they knew what they were talking about and not just making up some story. I don’t mean to say I experienced an actual shared dream. What I have is only an anecdote related to the topic. However, this particular experience did stand out, at least when compared with many of the dreams I’ve had in the past.

Still, it makes one question, is the dream world truly our own making, or does it all take place inside an objective reality, one which we share continuously with others when sleeping, yet mistake it as being OUR dream? Food for thought.

Take this or leave it. We consist of various energy bodies eg the physical body, the astal body, the mental body, the emotional body (which is strongly linked to the astral body) … Experience is possible throu these various bodies. Some psychics can actually see these various energy fields or bodies around people.

Shared dreaming could be done throu the astral eg both are out of both in the astral plane experiencing together but not realising they are having a real OBE eg they may think they are just dreaming.

Shared dreaming experience may also take place from the mental body plane, this is throu the same way people have telepathic experiences… with this mind sharing is also possible.

Ive had two interesting dream or OBE (one was an OBE) experiences along this line.
eg I had a shared dream with my daughter (and on the other occassion I saw her dream while I was astral).

I’ll share the shared dream seeing that is what you are asking about. In the middle of the night I had following dream, In my dream my daughter is screaming for me to come and help her. So I go to her aid, she is out in open (no houses etc) on a grassy hill, 3 guys are attacking her. She’s being hit over the head by something (I cant remember now what it was) by one of the guys. I fight the guys off of her and then wake up and get up to go to the toilet.

To get to the loo I have to walk past my daughter door and I notice as I walk by she’s laying in bed awake, I ask her what is wrong. She then tells me she’s just woken up as she just had a nightmare. Of cause I ask her then what it was about.

She tells me she was attacked by 3 men and that one hit her over the head and that I had come and saved her. When I queried her about the location where this had occured, she described the same setting as the dream I had. Our dreams precisely matched and we even woke up from them at exactly the same time.

There is no way with the details how they were that this couldnt have been a shared dream. I personally think her terror in her dream and her calling for me, triggered this off. Her distress must of got my astral attention thou the experience for me I’d just thought at the time it was just an ordinary dream.

:cry: :cry: :cry: So funny. Me and my boyfriend shared a dream//nightmare the same night. Heres the short version…

My dream: I’m with this guy ((famous rapper)) and he takes me to his house. Im thinking, I prolly shouldn’t be here because I don’t want to cheat on my boyfriend. He tries to kiss me and my hearts starts racing. Next thing I know my boyfriend kicks in the door and looks enraged :grrr: . He pulls me in the car and he’s is super mad. He is yelling and speeding. He turns the car around and tells me he is going to kill the guy…I wake up in a sweat :eek: :bored:

His Dream ((same night)): He is at the store with the same famous rapper guy that was in my dream. They go to the car. The guy starts acting strange and tried to rob my boyfriend. My boyfriend pulls a gun out of the window :confused: and shoots him several times, killing him…he wakes up in a sweat.

That morning we both shared our crazy dream recall.
So interesting that my boyfriend acted out what he said he was going to do in my in his dream under different circumstances.

We’ve done this type of dreaming 3 different times. The one above is the most vivid. After reading Robert Waggoners book, he did mention “mutual Lucid Dreams”. Still exploring what “mutual” dreams are all about. The dream world never seize to amaze me. I love this forum, and the interesting people in it. :wiske: