Ever seen fish/sealife in your dreams?

Yeah, this was a question - because even when I’ve swam I never saw any damn fishies, what about you? :happy:

But the sealife is allways twisted for me.

yep…sharks…dolphins…thats it…

No mermaids… :shrug:

I saw a deep-sea fish hovering outside my window. It was grey with wrinkled skin and it had no facial features I could identify, except for a mouth it used to leech on the window. It didn’t have much of a defined shape either, and it was floading in the air.

My daughter of 5 years old dreams at least once a week about fish.


Almost every dream she remembers contains at least one fish…

One time there was a something like a big shark (in my dream I called it “catshark”, but it was bigger).It wasn´t in a sea or something, the ground was only covered with perhaps 2cm water.There the shark swam, and it wanted to eat me but it didn´t suceed :smile:


I’ve seen sealife only once in my lucid dreams, there was four dolphins on my balcony. I don’t know what those fishes were doing there. :smile:

once i had a fight with a shark. it was SO big and it had this tiger-look… i think it tried to eat me or something and i tried to swim away. :bored:

I hd this dream once that I was a merman and was hearding sea animals like giant sea turtles and dolphins into a large kelp gorge.

One time I was looking through some tidal pools and there was some really weird sea life in there.

So yes, I do see sea life.

Im not sure thats a good thing. A lot of times seeing sea life usually freaks me out. It won’t just be nice fish but rather crabs crawling around in the sand beneath me or squirmy squidy, jely things.

I did last night and dream of sea life often.
Last night I dreamt of a pond that people were creating. We were discussing ideas for waterfalls and run-offs. It was fully surrounded with beautiful green grass. The water was sparkling and crystal clear. We added a few fish ourselves. One of those fish was my pet betta fish. I thought of the seasons and how it was getting too cold for a tropical betta. I told them I would let him swim here for now but would take him when I left. We added a fountain near the edge of the pond, the pump also supplied water for the nearby waterfall. I noticed that some of the fish, my pet betta included, had swam near the warmth created by the pump and stayed hid in the shadows.

The best part about dreaming about my pet fish is that I can touch and pet them without causing harm.

waterfall… a beautiful dream dreamaddict…
Don’t know why, but my guess is the pond, was a representation of something taking shape here at ld4all.

Hmmm… the dolphins have visited me a couple of tiems now. Each time they have taken me on amazing adventures… I had an amazing lucid adventure with them once. I’d travelled down a tunnel full of all kinds of sea and plant life, at the most insane hyperspatial speeds. I then had a false awakening. I excitedly tried to tell my friends about my dream. I watched as one dolphin jumped from a first friend to the second, and the other dolphin jumped from the second to the first. It was beautiful, watching them cross between their minds. My friend’s eyes sparkled like something I have never seen before. A computer simulated voice - that of the dolphins, spoke in 4 layers, ‘Come and see the heaven before you forget it’.

That lucid dream was the most amazing experience of my life - one of my first few too. Even more fascinating I went on to find, that when two dolphins speak, it sounds like 4 overlapping voices. Awesome!

Thanks explora! You shared a pretty impressive dream yourself, not to mention beautiful. Dolphins with overlapping voices! Amazing! :smile: “Come and see the heaven before you forget it” - That sounds like a beautiful description of the nature of dreams.

Most of my dreams include water in my dreamscape; ponds, lakes, rivers and creeks are all common. The above dream was unique in how we were “constructing” the pond, and we all were collaborated on it’s shape and the “accessories” that we should add. It was a beautiful dream. I really like your interpretation. :smile: I never looked at it that way until now… now it makes sense why all of the DC’s were strangers … or should I say unrecognizable. :wink:

All of the dreams that have included my betta fish have been very interesting dreams. I only wish I could have at least one dream that included my seamonkeys. :happy: I don’t remember one yet.

hey dreamaddict…
i always like your positive and balanced feedback btw…

Since you thought my interpretation might have been on the right track, I may as well mention the other association that leaped out to me…

A little while ago, you posted an interesting dream about your pet beta fish. How the dream showed you the fish - looking so colourless and sick, and then the next day you looked in the water and he was very much the same as described in your dream.

So… what the dream made me feel, is that is that there is perhaps room here on ld4all, for a forum letting people share their own experiences of communication with the universe around them through dreams. Particularly examples of the uses of dreams to recover knowledge and ideas, which can be beneficial to your own life and the lifes of others.

As an example, I have the Dream Journeys project i am currently working on. There are many examples of people who use dreams to look through their future books, cds, etc. Or dream the way for their own business, discover new teaching methods, resolve relationships with families and friends, etc. I would like to hear more of these lifechanging dreams, as I think they are of particular importance.

I think it would be great if we had such a forum here… Perhaps it could be called ‘Dreaming True’