Ever try writing out the HH?

The voices I mean. They say some really weird stuff! I also got some really interesting stuff here too. You should try it! (Well, if you have enough concentration to write or actually hear voices in your HH.) :cool:

Here’s what I got last night.

[color=indigo]Man shouting: “Soft landing!”

Woman yelling: “Richard! Richard!”

phone ringing It was very realistic. I was wondering if it actually WAS ringing

British woman: “Hold her. Hold her!”
British man: “I look quite like her, don’t I.”
“Hell’s hard to touch!”

Girl whispering: “Apple tree…”

Girl: “I like your thing.”
echo: “I like your thing.”

Girl whispering: “Over there…”

Man singing: this was just weird. I caught everything I could.

“Hard to tell with reality
too real to see
to see
the dream
or what it means
Held by gravity,
held for eternity
until you let go;
until you go.
Time and space
too real a place.
Time to face
the dream.”

Old man:
“Look to the heavens!”

Weird voice: “Eh… there’s nothing there.”
Rafiki: “Look harder.”[/color]

There’s more than that, but you got the gist of it. :smile:

All mine ever say is my name

I like that!

I like the singing too!

And the old man/weird voice/Rafiki conversation was cool.
I hate to sound like an ignoramus, but what’s Rafiki?

Writing out the HH is a good idea. Next time I get them I’ll try it.

I htink Rafiki is the baboon of the lion King

I was really into this back when I kept an active journal at the forum. I called mine HI Sound Bites, and they were always realistic, funny, and sometimes a little chilling. I’m glad other people are listening to the strange voices they hear upon falling asleep. :smile:

That song is creepy. Sounds like a message from the dead. The style is like some songs written by David Lynch.

I was just surprised I was getting actual rhyming lyrics. I mean, I usually listen to classical music.

/me goes to look up David Lynch

*Genkai slips link to Wyvern under the table.


Wow. You must be happy with that vivid HH-sounds. And I really like the poem too. :happy:

that’s STEVEN lynch not david lynch :razz: but still good!

anyway i wouldn’t write down my HH it’s too random and i couldn’t possibly remember any of it.

But if you remember it bad you should write it down? :neutral:

Aw crap! :grin: