Ever wake up laughing from a dream you had?

I’ve only had it twice, and I really wish I remember the second one.

The first one I’ve possibly posted in here, it was a few years ago. At the end of it, I had telekinesis or something, and was throwing things around as I was mad at some zoo keeper keeping crocodiles in tiny pens (I released them). I went up to one of them, and said I was going to a magic trick. I picked up a plate, starting waving my hands around and over it, said some magic words, and them smashed it over his head. I didn’t even know I was going to do it myself, and I woke up in fits of laughter. Thinking of it now, it reminds me of that scene in Dark Knight, which was also hilarious.

Anyone else ever woken up laughing?

yea,it happens to me a lot,but i have odd dreams,
but i wake up DOING what i was doing in the dream ex. i once fell asleep in class :tongue: and i had a dream about fighting,i cant remember the dream now but i woke up punching my friend in the face! it was EPIC :rofl:

No, but I’ve woken crying and bawling before.

I can’t remember any dream at the moment, but the idea feels like something I’ve done. (or am I thinking about when I laugh in a dream? hmmm but that also feels so great.

HAHAHA no way!! If I had seen that I’d probably laugh till I died without breathing :tongue:

i almost did,the best part,apparently i was so asleep that i was snoring so the whole class saw it! :gni: 3rd funniest thing ive ever seen! :cool:

but to stay on topic:
i don’t see a reason that we wouldn’t wake up with lingering emotions from our dreams.after all even though the events of a dream aren’t real,the emotions we feel are.
just the other day i woke up sick to my stomach,ran to the restroom,threw up :yuck: and cried for an hour, :sad: now,if this dream hadn’t mirrored my life so perfectly at the time i highly doubt i would have reacted the way i did.

and i think waking up doing what you dreamed about(see my last post) is relatively common,i believe that its the chemicals our brain releases to cause SP wearing off but our brains thinking that its a real memory in the seconds before,who here hasn’t had a dream they were falling(or something similar)and woke up “catching themselves”?

isn’t sleep walking the brains inability to release those chemicals?

^i dont know were i planed on takeing that point but it seemed relevent :tongue: ^

Not me, but i read about a guy on another forum. One of my most strange awakenings was when i kicked a guy in a ND and also kicked my wall IRL and woke up :mrgreen: