everybody now able to delete their own posts

it is now possible to delete your own post.

Only when there are no replies yet this is possible.

hope this makes everybody happy :smile:

Aah that’s great news Q! I remember such a delete button would have been very helpful in some of my early posts :smile:

Yay :cool_laugh: now I can remove stupid posts that I make.

Nifty feature, Q!

Hmmmm,good idea. :content:

great feature indeed! thanks

this is not a post. This is just to let you know there was a post but i deleted it. :wink:

lol fantastic now when i spell things wrong and 2 many people comaplain i can just delete it… lol who am i kidding it adds my character to the posts :wink:

How about post count in that case?just wondering if anyones feels like abusing this option.

postcount ofcourse drops. try it :smile: